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Kate Bosworth reveals what prompted her to change her fitness routine

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Kate Bosworth regularly floors her fans as she dazzles both on and off the red carpet with her chic ensembles and enviably toned figure. Now, the 33 year old has revealed that she used to struggle when it came to sticking to an exercise routine – but that she had an epiphany which changed her outlook on health and fitness.


Kate Bosworth has opened up about her diet and fitness routine

"I had a hard time with my exercise routine because I felt like it had to be an hour, and it had to be really rigorous and intense," the Still Alice actress told Self magazine. "Then, I realized you can go down and get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and you've done something."


As well as her workout routine, Kate admitted that she has made changes to her diet in order to stay energised. "One day in my mid-20s it hit me that I can't have a burger for lunch," she explained.

The actress follows an 80/20 diet

The actress has been following the 80/20 diet, which consists of cutting out wheat, sugar and dairy 80 per cent of the time, and being able to indulge for the other 20 per cent. However, the Before I Wake star confessed that there is one food she hasn't been able to cut down on.

"Ketchup is the indulgence that I never give up," she said. "Ketchup on everything."

Her favourite sport is running

Kate has previously opened up about her diet and fitness routine, and revealed that one of her favourite exercises is running.

"I love to run now, but if I'm going to the gym, I run about two and a half miles," she told InStyle.  When I first started, I was like, 'This is so hard. I don’t know how I'm ever going to get used to this. It's impossible.' But I also knew when I was done with it, I felt so good. I was like, 'OK, if I can just keep that in mind, then it'll start feeling good and I’ll just remember what the effect is.'

It's no doubt been a busy few months for the actress, who is currently filming the second season of hit TV show The Art of More. Kate plays Roxanna Whitman in the crime show, set behind-the-scenes of New York auction houses, which also stars Dennis Quaid and Christian Cooke.

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