Here's why Instagram removed Lauren Goodger, Katie Price, and Love Island's Georgia's photos

These celebrities have had their Instagram posts taken down - and HELLO!'s Alex Light is delighted...

Alex Light

Instagram is further clamping down on promotion of weight loss products and I, for one, could not be more pleased. Celebrities Katie Price, Lauren Goodger and Georgia Harrison have all had posts on Instagram removed this week after being reported to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The BBC reports that the ASA deemed the posts 'irresponsible' and took the action of deleting them from the social media channel. Katie and Lauren were promoting a BoomBod shot drink (eurgh) that claims to suppress appetite, while Love Island's Georgia was flogging Protein Revolution's weight loss gummies (double eurgh) which profess to prevent food cravings.


"Can't believe these amazing results I've gotten with @boombod's 7 Day Achiever. It works so well to decrease bloating and get rid of those late night cravings. The difference I've noticed from using this stuff is amazing," wrote Lauren. Katie's post, meanwhile, claimed 'quick and easy weight loss'.

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The ASA apparently had additional concerns over the photo that Lauren used to accompany her caption, pointing out that they appear to have been edited in order to make her look thinner. "The images were not representative of her real body shape," they said. 


Georgia, who shot to fame during her stint on Love Island, wrote: "V24 Gummies are great at helping you loose weight [sic]. They're delicious and when taken with water they suppress your hunger cravings. Which is critical to stay on a diet." She went on to add that the gummies "contain glucomannan which is clinically proven to help with weight loss. You have to try them."

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Unfortunately, I think the ads were up for a couple of days – Georgia's had over 15,000 likes – but the fact that they are being taken down is a good start and a good, clear message to both weight loss brands and celebrities who consider promoting them.