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Choosing the right mascara

There are many options to help you make the most of your lashes

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For most women, mascara is a beauty basic: eyes are a major focus point and a quick slick of mascara can change your whole look in an instant. But there are so many types of mascara on the market that it's not always easy to pick the right one.

Depending on what your eyelashes are like naturally, you have different options and tricks to make the most of them. 


Take note if your lashes are:

  • Short and thick. Mascaras that combine a lengthening base with colour will be the best choice for you. The key is to be sparing in applying the base, focusing mainly on the tips, and leave it to dry thoroughly before topping off with the colour.
  • Short and thin. The best choice here is a lengthening mascara applied in two coats. Apply the first layer only at the roots, let it dry, and then repeat, this time covering the entire length of the lashes.
  • Long and thin. Products that add volume will suit you if you use very thin layers applied gradually. Don't rule out lengtheners, but apply the first coat to the root, allowing it to dry before adding the second at the lash tips. 

  • Long and thick. Choose a mascara that is applied with a comb-shaped applicator, as it will help to separate the lashes. There are also products that add a slight curl to the lashes. 
  • Very straight. Don't forget how useful the lash-curler can be: it may look like an instrument of torture, but is really quite easy to use and can make all the difference. Choose products that curl and lengthen lashes, but which do not add too much weight.
  • Sparse. There are two good options; use a double formula mascara, applying the volumizer base first, or choose a formula with synthetic fibres that fill out the lashes, making them look much thicker.

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