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Top 10 awkward beauty mishaps and how to fix them

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We've all had awkward beauty moments whether it's getting lipstick on your teeth or overdoing it when you tweeze your eyebrows. However, there are some handy tips and tricks that will not only quickly solve the problem, but also help you avoid it happening again!

We take a look at the biggest beauty mishaps and how to fix them…

There are easy tricks to fixing any beauty mishap

False eyelashes falling off

Avoid your lashes coming off within half an hour of leaving the house by pressing them on with slanted tweezers, not your fingers. The sweat from hands can deactivate the chemicals in the adhesive which makes it slide off.

Lipstick on your teeth

Before applying your lipstick, dab some concealer on your lips then apply lip liner and your lipstick. Next, do the finger test. Stick your middle finger into your mouth, pout and then pull it out. All lipstick that was near your teeth will have transferred neatly onto your finger.

Finding gum in your hair

Don’t go for the chop just yet. Get a tiny amount of baby oil and rub between on the incriminating area - it should slide right off with minimal mess.

Realising you've forgotten to do make-up on one eye

Always keep an emergency supply of make-up wipes in your bag. Better to have two eyes with no make-up that match than odd ones.

Apply your make-up in natural light to minimise the risk of mistakes

Rubbing your eyes and smudging make up

Try investing in a decent eyelid primer. That way your eye shadow pigments will bond to the primer making it harder to wipe off.

Forgetting to blend foundation to your neck

Always make sure to do your make up in the best, natural light you can. You’ll spot any mistakes like these a mile off.

Accidentally using your blusher brush on your face powder

Try popping little labels on each one so you know which is which and clean your brushes regularly.

Your lipstick has rubbed off but your lip liner stayed on

When applying lip liner, make sure you fill in the entire lip area with liner, not just the outline.

Over-tweezing your eyebrows

Cover up over-plucked eyebrows by brushing the hairs upwards. Next, line the natural arch with eyebrow shadow applied with a slanted brush along the bottom and the top, and brush back into place.

Your hair extensions start showing

To keep hair extensions looking natural, don’t clip them any higher than the ear. Start with two pieces at the nape of your neck, then three pieces above that, and then four.

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