The 10 tools you need to have in your beauty kit

Whether you're trying bold new make-up or sticking to your trademark beauty look, having all the right tools and not only save you time, but help you feel and look your best. We’ve rounded up some of the beauty essentials you'll need for the ultimate make-up kit…

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The right tools can help save time on your beauty routine

A good quality hairbrush

Hairbrushes are an everyday essential, so it's worth splurging on one that will keep your tresses healthy and glossy – a cheaper brush could pull the knotted strands of hair out rather than detangling them. Opt for a brush that's easy to clean to avoid the build-up of bacteria.

A quality hairdryer

A good hairdryer will always have multiple settings including a cold option – different hair requires different approaches. For example, if you have thing hair, you'll need to use lukewarm temperatures – find out what works best for you and buy accordingly.

A primer

Not only do primers help keep make-up lasting for longer, but they also protect your pores from the everyday bacteria build-up that come with foundation and concealer. Try it for a few weeks and you could see a real difference to your complexion.

Lip balm

Key to keeping your lips moisturised and healthy no matter what the season, make sure to regularly change your lip balm as these have a short expiry date - once opened, lip moisturising products should be used within less than a year.

Invest in a good quality hairbrush

Make-up remover

Make-up wipes are a saviour after a late night when you just want to take off your make-up and go to bed. However, bad quality wipes can actually be detrimental to your skin as it strips away its natural oils. Find wipes that work for you but try to use a balm or lotion regularly instead as these are soft and gentle on your complexion.

Heat-defence products

Whether it's blow-drying, curling or straightening, heat plays a major role in most of our haircare routines. However if you don't protect your tresses, they can end up looking dry and dull – invest in a great quality heat-protective spray to lock in your hair's moisture.

An eyeshadow palette

Whether you're after nude make-up or smokey eyes, eyeshadow palettes have become a cult beauty product. Instead of buying individual eyeshadows find a palette with the shades and colours you need – you can use these individually or blend together for a whole range of versatile looks.

An eyeshadow palette is a great alternative to save money


Exfoliating your skin is a key part of any skincare routine and will make your skin smooth and supple, ideal for applying make-up. Find one from a skincare brand you trust or regularly use, and use it once a week.

Nail varnish remover

When you remove your nail polish, you want a product that also has nourishing and conditioning properties to keep your nails and cuticles looking healthy and moisturised – this will stop them from becoming damaged or run the risk of turning yellow!

Thick hair ties

Avoid tight elastic hair ties with metal clasps – these can actually cause serious damage to your hair. Instead opt for thick bands as these will not only put less strain on your locks, but tend to last longer throughout the year.

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