The top 10 make-up mistakes to avoid

From contouring to groomed eyebrows, there's always an abundance of make-up looks to choose from no matter what the occasion. However, sometimes a simple mistake such as wearing too much eyeshadow can transform your look and leave you reaching for the make-up wipes.

We take a look at the top 10 beauty mistakes to avoid…


There are 10 common mistakes that are easy to avoid

Forgetting to blend concealer

To ensure your concealer doesn't stand out in blotches, especially if you have fair skin, make sure to apply it in a thin but large triangle under your eye, instead of dotting large, uneven splodges.

White powder appearing in patches

Translucent powder is great for a matte look, but having random patches of the powder showing can ruin your look. Make sure to apply it in a natural light so you can blend properly and check it matches your skin tone.

Smudged eyeliner

The key to a flawless eyeliner look is to take your time. Apply a kohl pencil to your waterline and as close to the lash line as possible and then build on the look using a liquid liner and eyeshadows – avoid using pencil for the whole look or you may end up with a more dramatic finish!

Overdoing blusher

Make sure to test a blusher shade thoroughly and in good light before buying. If you prefer lighter coverage on your foundation, perhaps opt for a cheek tint for more natural rosy cheeks.

Make sure to blend products such as concealer or powder to avoid patchy make-up

Unkempt eyebrows

Strong, groomed brows are a huge trend but make sure you fill yours naturally and evenly. Use short strokes with a pencil, rather than pressing down all along the arch. Bridge the gaps with a similar shade powder.

Using bronzer on fair skin

If you have a light complexion, a bronzed look won't necessarily make for a great beauty look. Instead, embrace your porcelain skin and freckles.

Wearing too much eyeshadow

A dramatic smokey eye is great for a night out, but too much eyeshadow could turn it into a make-up mishap. If you want to go for a bold layered eyeshadow keep the darkest shades in the creases of your eyes, keeping the lid more neutral. If you make a mistake, scrub it off and start again – building on it will only make it more obvious.

Check products match your skin tone


Contouring is one of beauty's biggest crazes, with the aim being to highlight your best features. Stick to three areas with your contouring powder – along the hairline, side of your nose and under the cheekbones. Place highlighter above the cheekbones and don't forget to blend.

Using the wrong fake eyelashes

If you want your false lashes to look as natural as possible, wear a set which compliments your hair tone. Blondes should opt for brown shades for a more neutral look than black. Make sure to apply black liquid eyeliner where the lash meets the lash line once applied to cover up any glue.

Wearing bright make-up that doesn't suit your skin tone

Colourful shades can be great but be cautious – neon eyeshadows and eyeliners should match your skin tone. If you have a pale complexion, use nudes and golds on the eyes but leave bold colours on your lips – if you have brown or green eyes, you can go for bold but subtle blues and purples.

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