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Demi Lovato reveals why she avoids make-up tutorials

January 12, 2016
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Demi Lovato often speaks out about body image, and now the 23-year-old has admitted she tries to avoid make-up tutorials after realising they affected her confidence. The Really Don't Care hitmaker, who has released her first make-up line as the face of New York Color, confessed that she prefers a natural look rather than wearing "pounds of make-up".

demi lovato© Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato has revealed why she avoids make-up tutorials

"What makes me sad is to see so many girls on Instagram with their faces painted, literally, and the contouring tutorials and the lip tutorials," she told Refinery29. "I had a moment when I thought, 'Are my lips not big enough?' And, no, I have great lips. While it's great to learn, some of these tutorials make you think you have to put pounds of make-up on and that's not the case."

The American beauty revealed that she hopes to "empower" women with her new make-up line, promoting a "very fresh look".

"I love to empower girls to go make-up free," she explained. "Or to wear a very fresh look and save the dramatic looks for night and the weekend."

The year has already been off to a strong start for the singer, who celebrated her six-year anniversary with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. The La La Land hitmaker shared a sweet selfie on Instagram of herself and Wilmer, 35, snuggled up in bed, followed by a carefully crafted collage of the lovebirds through the years.

demi olvaot© Photo: Getty Images

The singer recently launched her own make-up line, Lovatics by Demi

The singer is clearly head over heels for the actor, and has previously admitted that she would love to marry him.

"I am very, very in love with him," she said, speaking to New Zealand radio show ZM. "I think we'll probably wait a bit longer, but if he asked tomorrow, I'd say yes."

Demi also revealed that their 12-year age gap initially caused comment and some concern when they first began dating.

"I was 18 and he was 30 so people were definitely judgmental and even my parents were kind of, 'Why is someone his age wanting to date someone so young?" she explained. "And after a while everyone around us started to see what we have is real and incredible and very special, and we've been together ever since.

"Obviously my family loves him [now]. People kind of stop doing that because you can see when we're together or even just from our Instagrams that we're very sweet to one another."

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