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Girl code! Christine Lampard saves Kate Garraway from makeup mishap on Good Morning Britain

Honesty is the best policy, right Christine?

Kate Garraway GMB
Fiona Ward
Acting Fashion and Beauty Editor
February 19, 2019
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Christine Lampard is a lovely friend to have around, isn't she? She was first to give Kate Garraway a heads up when she noticed the Good Morning Britain presenter had lipstick on her teeth on Tuesday morning – even texting her pal to warn her after seeing her on screen. Kate was alerted to the mishap live on air by Richard Arnold, who turned to her and said: "I'm just looking at your knashers love, you’ve got more lipstick on them than you do on your lips!" before she replied "Oh have I?" and clutched her hand to her mouth.

kate red suit

Poor Kate suffered a makeup mishap on Good Morning Britain

She was clearly a bit miffed that her other co-presenters hadn't given her a heads up sooner, however, and later revealed Christine had messaged her as soon as she'd noticed. Introducing the host ahead of the Lorraine show, she said: "Now Christine's here this morning, who was very nice when you all ignored the fact I had lipstick on my teeth earlier on. She texted me, didn't you Christine, and she said 'Goodness help you, Garraway, you're stuck there with all those boys'. You'd have told me, wouldn't you?"

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"It's really simple. For future reference, just always say," Christine then advised host Richard Madeley. "Just be straight about it."

Despite her makeup mistake, Kate looked gorgeous as ever in a bold red dress – she has spoken before about how she loves to step out of her comfort zone with her wardrobe, as well as embracing colour. She also previously revealed that she is braver than Charlotte and co-host Susanna Reid when it comes to fashion, and their stylist Debbie Harper will often trial new looks on her.

"I can remember 12 or 13 years ago at the TRIC Awards, she suddenly said, 'Now don't be scared, bear with me, I got you a grey jumpsuit,'" Kate told HELLO!. "She does know I'm the bravest, because she'll offer it to the others and they'll be like 'Oh, no' and she'll go 'Let's try Kate, she's up for everything'. Now, everyone wears jumpsuits so it wouldn't be remotely unusual, but at the time, I asked, 'Do I look like I'm going to mend a car?’"

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