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Kimberley Walsh talks baby names and gender – and how she's preparing Bobby for his new role as a brother

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Kimberley Walsh's son Bobby will become a big brother in December when she gives birth to her second child – and the Girls Aloud star has been doing all she can to get him ready for his exciting new role!

"I keep trying to reiterate that there's a baby in my tummy," Kimberley told HELLO! Online. "He's only two years old so he's too young to fully understand, but he does put his head on my bump and it'll kick him. Or I'll pretend it's kicking him just so he can feel like he's got a connection with it."

Kimberley, who is launching the Pampers-UNICEF Amazing Babies campaign, added: "Bobby's so good with babies, he's actually really into them. He's going through a phase, like if we go to a play date or a play group he'll be gravitating towards the babies, so I'm praying that that will stay.


bobby© Photo: Instagram

"Bobby's so good with babies, he's actually really into them," said Kimberley Walsh

"He's really gentle with them, fingers crossed he'll actually love it, being part of it and helping me look after the baby. He's quite a sensitive little boy."

The pop star is keeping the sex of her baby a surprise, but she does have a few names lined up, which she's keeping close to her chest. Does Kimberley have an inkling of her second baby's gender?

"I really don't know!" she said. "Initially with Bobby, I thought it was a girl and then when I had my 20 week scan I thought it was a boy from then on, and I was right, so it wasn't a shock really. But this one, I really don't know. It's very strong, so maybe that could mean it's another boy? I don't know!"

bobby2© Photo: Instagram

"Fingers crossed he'll actually love it, being part of it and helping me look after the baby," she said

"I quite like the surprise, it just keeps you going," she went on. "When you get towards the end and you can't move, you have that bit of excitement to keep spurring you on. Although when I had Bobby it was the last thing I thought of. I didn't even think to ask what it was, I was just so happy it was alright. I don't care – I would just love a healthy baby!"

Kimberley, 34, admitted that she and husband Justin Scott have a few names picked out – "a few that I had for Bobby and some that I wouldn't use now, which is funny really!"

"I need to think of a few girls' names as well and have a few of each ready to go, because when you see them, they don't always suit the name," she said.

"It's such a personal thing, I don't think you should ever tell people your name because it is really personal between you and your husband and you don't want people to impact it. You don't want people to steal them either!"

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The singer, 34, is set to welcome her second baby in December

Ahead of the birth of her second baby, Kimberley is on a mission to help other mums provide for their children, which is why she got involved with the Pampers UNICEF campaign. For every pack of Pampers purchased, the company will donate the equivalent cost of one vaccine to UNICEF to help eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus (MNT) in some of the poorest areas in the world.

"Bobby's had all his first year injections and then he'll have boosters again," said Kimberley. "We have so many and it's just a routine thing for us. I think the thing with MNT is it can be dealt with, it's an easy thing to eliminate, it's a simple goal – just give them the vaccination and they're done.

kimberley walsh4

She has launched the Pampers-UNICEF Amazing Babies campaign

"When you have children all you want to do is protect them from things. We're so lucky that we have the NHS in this country and we have all the vaccinations that we need in place, from birth to whenever they stop needing them.

"The thought that there would be a vaccination out there that I could give to Bobby to protect him, but I couldn't, is just horrifying. It's incredible the work they've already done."

1 PACK = 1 VACCINE: Kimberley Walsh is supporting the Pampers UNICEF campaign. For every specially marked pack of Pampers purchased, Pampers will donate the equivalent cost of one vaccine to help UNICEF in the fight against Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT). Visit to find out more.

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