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Mum praises miracle £3.99 cream which has cured her daughter's painful eczema

A bottle of Childs Farm's baby moisturiser is available for £3.99

Andrea Caamano
Andrea CaamanoWebsite Editor
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After months of struggling with her daughter's severe and painful eczema, a young mum has revealed how her child's skin has been transformed by a cream which only costs £3.99. Since Paige Sweeney came across a bottle of Childs Farm moisturiser her life - and that of her daughter's, has completely changed, she told HELLO!

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"Evie- Rae's eczema used to affect playtime, bathtime, mealtimes, everything. But since using the cream she is so much happier, she's not scratching and she's sleeping through the night; it's like she's a completely different child."


Paige Sweeney says a £3.99 cream has cured her daughter's eczema after years of trying several products

The full-time mum, from Nottingham, has attended countless appointments with a dermatologist in the past, but despite going to appointments every eight weeks and trying a range of different medications, little Evie-Rae's skin still flared up in painful rashes around her mouth, on her hands and in the creases at the back of her knees.

"Evie-Rae didn't really sleep through the night until she was over two years old. She would wake hourly scratching; I had to change her bedsheets every single day. We had to have gloves on her and we covered her in wet bandages, she used to look like a mummy," she explained to HELLO!

eczema daughter mother

Evie-Rae, 3, can finally sleep through the night thanks to the Childs Farm moisturiser

After almost three years of watching her daughter in agony, Paige decided to purchase a bottle of Childs Farm baby moisturiser, which uses naturally derived ingredients to produce mild products that care for the skin, hair and nails of newborns, babies and children - and within a week her daughter's skin had cleared up.

Paige said: "I saw the moisturising cream on the shelf in Boots and decided to give it a go. Evie-Rae also has a nut, soya and egg allergy, so we have to be careful with what we give her, but I could see the ingredients were all natural.

CF635 Baby Moisturiser 2017

The cream is popular because it uses naturally derived ingredients

"Within a matter of days I could see her skin starting to clear up. I couldn't believe it. The NHS could save a fortune if they put it on prescription."

Delighted with the transformation, Paige took to Facebook to share Evie-Rae's before-and-after images. The post was shared more than 40,000 times, and Childs Farm's founder Joanna Jensen, who launched the company in 2010 as part of a quest to find products to suit her daughters' fine hair and sensitive skin, got in touch and paid Paige and Evie-Rae a visit.

eczema arm

Evie-Rae has been suffering from eczema since birth

Childs Farm founder Joanna Jensen said: "Paige and Evie-Rae's story is not uncommon to us - but they have shown how one small change can make all the difference. Since Paige shared her pictures on Facebook, the moisturiser sales have skyrocketed, flying off the shelves at the rate of one bottle per minute. I was delighted to meet Paige, her sister and Evie-Rae: it was the least I could do to thank them personally for sharing their experience with other parents, and doing wonders for our business.

"We are a small, rural business in Hampshire, competing in a space dominated by Global Pharmaceutical companies. We are constantly overwhelmed by the love and support we get for our brand from parents and their children - and all because I wanted to make bath time more fun and less itchy for my own girls!"

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