Tom Fletcher reveals the touching gift he and Giovanna always give each of their children

This is so lovely!

It won't be long before Tom and Giovanna Fletcher welcome their third baby, and Tom has taken to Instagram to share the adorable way they remember each of their pregnancies - with a sweet personal gift that they give to their children. Sharing a beautiful photo of his wife relaxing on the bed as she scribbled in a notebook, he wrote: "Each night (...or as often as we can remember to) we take turns to write in a book for the little human growing inside @mrsgifletcher."

Image: Instagram @tomfletcher

He then joked: "We did this for Buzz and Buddy and will give it to them one day when they’re grown up so they can shove it in a box, put it in the loft and never read it. But the thought was there." 

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Fans were of course quick to share their thoughts on the adorable idea, with one replying: "You're the most lovely parents I've ever known," and another saying: "This picture of @mrsgifletcher is EVERYTHING!!! ..... So much appreciation for this fellow female.... & your boys will read them, if they learn to have half the love & sentiment you & Gi have, they will treasure them forever."

Tom and Giovanna 

Tom and Giovanna announced they were expecting again in March of this year. The couple, who are known for announcing their pregnancies in creative ways, shared the news with an adorable video of the family playing in the snow - with the camera finally panning onto a snowman with a baby scan attached to it. 

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Later, in June, the dad-of-two hinted at the name they'd chosen for their next arrival, revealing it may not begin with a 'B' unlike their first two, Buzz and Buddy. He explained: "Last night Gi came up with a couple of new suggestions that haven't been on the list, they are top of the list now. When it comes to your third you think over the names you didn't use for the other two. Everyone is suggesting 'B' names, but there were two last night that aren't 'B' names."