Tamara Ecclestone reveals why she is ready to give daughter Fifi a sibling

The duo posed exclusively for HELLO! magazine


In an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! magazine, Tamara Ecclestone has revealed that she is finally ready to have another baby. Posing with her and husband Jay Rutland's four-year-old daughter Sophia – known as Fifi – Tamara reveals the little girl has been asking to be a big sister.

"She's been talking about how much she wants a sibling, and for the first time I'm open to the idea," Tamara tells HELLO! "She really wants a sister, but certainly not a brother. She's very girlie and thinks boys are smelly.

"Having another baby is obviously scary because it would mean a big change, but I'm definitely up for it."

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In the interview, Tamara also talks of her joy that her younger sister Petra has found love again, recently getting engaged to Jay's close friend Sam Palmer. Revealing that she and Jay inadvertently set the couple up, she tells the magazine: "We hadn't planned an introduction. About a year ago, Jay and I were in LA when Sam came to visit, but we never dreamt of anything romantic happening between him and Petra. None of us thought it would be a match made in heaven, or a match at all to be honest, so we were shocked when it happened – but the best things in life are often unexpected. I'm so pleased for Petra – she deserves all the happiness in the world."

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