'TOWIE' star Lauren Goodger's top beauty tips and why the time was right to launch a self-tanning range


When reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex burst onto our screens in 2010, the nation was captivated by its wealthy young stars and their season-defying tans.

And now, thanks to the fabulous female star of the hit show, fans can get a touch of their own Essex glamour.

Lauren Goodger, 24, who is engaged to cast member Mark Wright, has released her own tanning range, Lauren’s Way.




In both its mousse and lotion form, it's super simple to apply. Giving an instant natural glow, it gradually develops into a gorgeous olivey, even tan.

It's the perfect way to get some colour before you head off on your hols.

But first, read this exclusive interview the lady herself has given hellomagazine.com. In it she talks us through top tips for application, her own beauty secrets and exciting plans for the future…

What gave you the idea to launch a tanning product business?

I have always wanted to have my own business and coming from Essex, I find it important to look and feel good. In this way, I have an affinity with the beauty and tanning industry. Fake tan is a perfect product for me. TOWIE is the perfect platform and the time was right.

Is a healthy glow essential to your beauty regime?

A tan is such a confidence boost. Skin looks smoother, the body looks leaner and it just makes you feel good. The whites of your eyes and your teeth look brighter. It’s a win-win situation!



What is your top beauty tip? (Besides the tan, of course)

My main priority is to get my makeup off as quickly as possible. With filming and all the other work I do, I am constantly in hair and makeup and it really can take its toll on the skin. So it's all about cleansing!

How often do you apply the tan?

It depends. I love to look brown so I top it up fairly regularly. But it's great for a whole range of skin tones. I know really pale people that use it and also darker skinned people. It's really versatile. I haven't seen it look bad on anyone yet.

Any tip tops for best results?

Exfoliate beforehand to get a smooth base and then moisturise daily to keep the tan fresh. Apply evenly and with a mitt or gloves to avoid tanned palms. Allow the product to dry for approximately five minutes after application before getting dressed.

Do any of the TOWIE girls use it?

I use it, my sister Nicola uses it and also Maria Fowler is a fan. We haven't been filming since the product launch but I am sure we have a lot more potential fans from the TOWIE set!!

Any plans on expanding into other beauty areas?

Yes definitely. We are about to launch a range of clip- in hair extensions. Definitely have plans to widen the product range in terms of the tan too. The sky is the limit there. It's really exciting!!

What are your plans for the future?

I would love to get into presenting and acting. But at the moment, expanding and growing Lauren's Way is a top priority.

And finally, are you looking forward to series 3 of The Only Way Is Essex?

Yes it will be great to be back, but even I don’t know what is going to happen!

You can pick up the mousse (priced at £17.95), the lotion (£15.95) or the set of both is on offer for a limited time at special offer of £25 glamcard.mybigcommerce.com

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