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7 expert tips for younger-looking skin

Experts from Olay outline seven basic rules of skin care

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The passing years will inevitably leave their mark on the skin. But there are a number of things we can do to slow down the process and lessen the signs of ageing. Experts from Olay have set out seven keys to younger-looking skin

  1. The right cream. The ageing process may start before you find the perfect moisturiser, and experts say that using an inadequate cream for your skin type can cause damage to delicate skin and make the signs of ageing worse. So make sure that you choose the right kind of cream for your complexion and try out different brands until you find the one that's best for you.
  2. Clean skin. Anti-ageing products should always be applied to smooth, clean skin, because dirt or dead cells on the skin surface will hamper the penetration of the nutrients and lessen the effect.
  3. Application. How a product is applied makes all the difference. Take a few moments to massage the skin gently while applying your moisturiser. This will stimulate blood circulation and help skin absorb the cream, allowing the anti-ageing ingredients to penetrate deeper and act more quickly and effectively. The result: a smoother, relaxed complexion with less wrinkles.
  4. Moisturising. Lack of moisture is one of the main problems for skin. It's absolutely fundamental for skin to be sufficiently hydrated as this helps protect it from the elements. Simply put: without sufficient moisture, skin can't work.
  5. Beware of the sun. Sun cream isn't only for holidays: it's actually a good idea to use SPF 15 every day, even in winter. Daily use will protect the skin against UV rays and prevent premature ageing.
  6. Night cream. Night cream is your great ally in the healing process that takes place overnight. Dr. Matts, one of the Olay experts, compares how the night is a time for skin to renew and repair itself after the aggressions of the day to the way a soldier's wounds can only be cured once the battle is over.
  7. Anti-ageing products. Not all areas of the skin are the same where ageing is concerned. The delicate area around the eyes is usually the first to show signs of the passage of time, and therefore needs special attention and additional ingredients. Good anti-ageing products do not have to be aggressive and there are products which have been specially designed and contain ingredients that will not irritate the skin.

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