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How to keep wrinkles at bay

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Whether we like it or not, wrinkles are inevitable. However, there are many aspects of our everyday life we can change in order to keep these pesky marks at bay.

Your epidermis is constantly faced with nasty external factors, many of which increase the production of free radicals, the main cause of premature ageing and skin problems.


Knowledge is power, so the more you know about the enemies of the epidermis, the more you can do to avoid them. HELLO! Online breaks down the eight common foes that stand between you and the beautiful flawless skin you dream of...

Sun: One of your skin's worst enemies, frequent unprotected sun exposure causes deep wrinkles and sun spots. Too many rays can provoke the loss of its natural elasticity and luminosity. Lesson learned: always wear sunscreen!

Tobacco: Cigarettes attack your skin in many ways. They generate free radicals and cause unsightly wrinkles due to the repetitive motion of pursing your lips to inhale. Tobacco reduces oxygen flow, leaving a smoker’s skin dry, dull and damaged. The epidermis often suffers from chronic vitamin and mineral deficiencies, in particular vitamin C. The only solution is to quit.

Diet: Having an unbalanced diet or eating too much animal fat can multiply free radicals and disrupt circulation in the smallest blood vessels. To avoid that problem, keep a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, chock-full of your skin's natural allies: vitamins. They will keep your body healthy and youthful.

Pollution: Exhaust fumes and other types of air pollution accelerate the production of free radicals. They also slow down the rate of cell renewal and irritate the epidermis.

Stress: Your skin reflects your emotional state. Pale and dull skin can be a direct result of your stress.

Lack of sleep: Stress and lack of sleep often go hand in hand. Night-time rest is essential. During the REM cycle, the body limits the production of free radicals, and at the same time, eliminates or neutralizes those that have already been produced.

Hydration: Your body needs water! Drink at least a litre and a half a day. Not only will your health thank you for it, your skin will too.

Frequent alcohol consumption: Don't fret the occasional glass of wine at mealtimes, but keep in mind that more frequent consumption causes dehydration and flaccidity. It also aggravates sensitive skin problems and redness. Both alcohol and coffee decrease the elasticity and collagen in the skin.

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