Top 10 tips for hiding blemishes

Even after our teen years have passed we still have to deal with the odd unsightly pimple. Although you can do your best to prevent them by drinking plenty of water, eating well and getting enough beauty sleep, blemishes and spots are sadly inevitable.

However, instead of hiding away or caking yourself in foundation, there are some simple and effective steps you can take to conceal your blemishes and stop any more from appearing. Below are our top ten tips to keep your skin looking fresh and blemish free...


Use these ten top tips to help conceal any blemishes

Layer up

Instead of wearing more foundation than usual, you can cover a spot more effictively with two different types of make-up. Start off by applying highlighter to the blemish before adding a light layer of concealer which matches your skin tone.

Ice it

Before applying your make-up, press an ice cube against the inflamed area for a couple of minutes. The coldness reduces blood flow to the area which stops further inflammation. Be sure to repeat the process throughout the day.

Use a brush

Apply your concealer with a make-up brush in order to provide the best coverage. Be sure to press the bristles directly on top of the pimple before twisting until the whole area is covered.

Know your shade

Whilst many people believe that wearing foundation one shade darker helps to conceal blemishes, all it does it make your entire complexion look ashy. To get the right shade test your foundation on your jaw line, not your hand.

Use a foundation that is true to your skintone

Change the focus

If you want to distract from your blemishes you need to draw attention to other areas of your face. So if you have a pimple on your chin leave your lips bare and focus on creating some statement eye make-up.

Fight the inflammation

Aspirin and Ibuprofen can help speed up the healing process. Both help calm acne as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Hide it in plain sight

If the pimple is only small it can be covered in brown eye pencil and passed off as a freckle or a beauty spot.

Go green

The colour green neutralizes the color red, so a green concealer can help cover up any inflammed areas. Just be sure to follow it with a second layer of foundation that is true to your skin tone.

Keep it matte

Liquid foundation and highlighters can be shiny which will only enhance the blemish. Keep it covered by using a mattifying moisturiser and powder.

Stay away from oils

Oily and perfumed products irritate the skin, so be sure to keep away from them during a breakout.

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