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Woman covered in moles is transformed in amazing makeover

Russian makeup artist Goar Avetisyan is known for her transformations

March 26, 2018
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Russian makeup artist Goar Avetisyan has gained a huge following in the country thanks to her dramatic makeovers. The social media sensation regularly posts 'glow ups' for women who've never had their makeup done, victims of domestic abuse, and women with burns and scars, all of which regularly wow her 4.6m Instagram followers. And one of her recent videos is her most heartwarming yet, as she transforms a woman with moles all over her face and body. Irina Pavlutskaya from the city of Yakutsk in north east Russia, suffers from a rare skin condition, and came to Goar's attention after a story about her being reunited with the mother who abandoned her as a baby appeared in local media. After the public were by the tale, Goar decided to offer her a makeover, as reported by Metro.

goar avetisyan video moles

Goar applies colour corrector to Irina's face

The video showing the amazing transformation has clocked up over a million views so far. It shows Goar dabbing the moles with a red colour corrector to even out their appearance, before covering them in a foundation to match Irina's skintone.

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Irina can be seen looking overjoyed with her transformation, which was topped off with a nude lip, smoky eye and striking brows. Goar said: "Recently my direct messages were blown up with requests to do a makeover for Irina. I decided to try and cover up those birthmarks so that Irina could see herself without them at least for a day."

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According to Russian media Irina suffers from vitiligo, a patchy loss of skin pigmentation, although her symptoms do not resemble the marks usually associated with the condition. Her marks are reportedly one of the reasons she was abandoned by her parents as a small child. When she appeared on Russian TV talk show Live with Andrey Malakhov her story immediately captured the nation’s hearts, and she was dubbed 'leopard girl'. Although Irina does not discuss her skin condition or family in Goar's video, she can be seen looking absolutely over the moon after her makeover.

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Watch the amazing makeover above

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