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Sam Faiers has the most refreshing thing to say about those cosmetic surgery rumours - plus the products she uses to combat ageing...

Just when we thought we couldn't love her more!

Fiona Ward
Fiona WardActing Fashion and Beauty Editor
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Original Essex girl Sam Faiers is loved by her 2.1 million Instagram followers for her sweet snaps of family life with her two young children and her always-glamorous outfit posts – not to mention more recently, her flawless makeup-free selfies. But is it just down to those incredible Faiers genes, or does she have some secret miracle up her sleeve? We had to know, so we sat down with Sam to find out her ultimate beauty secrets – and she didn't disappoint with her down-to-earth mentality…

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Sam's two kids, two-year-old Paul and baby Rosie, nine months, certainly keep her busy – and she admits it did take a toll on her skin at first. "At the beginning, my skin was certainly looking more tired than it used to, but now it looks and feels a lot healthier," she says. "I’ve been using the YourGoodSkin range lately to really help my skin health and it is definitely improved my complexion. The products are great and it helps that they’re so affordable. We’ve all bought those expensive creams, and when they don’t work, you can’t take them back!"

When asked her thoughts about getting older, Sam had a particularly refreshing answer. "I think deep down everyone worries about ageing just a little bit, don’t they? I’ve never had any cosmetic surgery myself, I quite like the thought of growing old gracefully and I’m at a completely different stage of my life now where I’m enjoying thinking more about health, lifestyle and family really."

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And when it comes to the pressures of social media, the YourGoodSkin ambassador is particularly keen to protect daughter Rosie from the impacts. "It’s scary what effect it has on young girls these days and all the pressures they must feel being surrounded by it all. I try not to stress myself out about things like that anymore and instead just focus on myself and the family.

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"As she grows up and she’s older I’m sure it will be difficult to shield Rosie from the growing rise in social media and the pressures of trying to look perfect all the time," she adds. "I will really try to make sure Rosie knows it’s not important to always try and match someone else or compare yourself to others but instead just to be herself and to look after herself most importantly!"

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With that in mind, does Sam feel pressure to wear makeup all the time? "I definitely prefer to go barefaced whenever I can. I just don’t have the time to get up and do make up! I try to maintain a really solid skincare regime to make going barefaced easier, which is why I love YourGoodSkin so much. It gives me such healthy-looking skin so I feel more confident to go without make up."

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