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This 44-year-old mother-of-three reveals an anti-ageing secret that doesn't cost a penny

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Rocking a constant glow, not having a single wrinkle in sight and maintaining an even skin tone? Totally impossible to achieve, right? Well, that's not the case, according to 44-year-old, mother-of-three Australian woman, Abigail O'Neill. The gorgeous chef and model, who lives in New South Wales, opened up to the Australian beauty website, Beauticate, about what routine she follows and the lifestyle choices she makes to keep her skin healthy and looking its best. What you'll be thrilled to hear is that instead of recommending some lengthy list of products that probably cost the earth, her routine will cost you absolutely nothing to copy.

Revealing that she's a firm follower of hydrotherapy, the act of using water as a treatment, because it's "easy to incorporate into any busy schedule, practically anywhere, with proven results", she went on to explain about the 12-minute 'miracle shower' she religiously has. 

abigail oneill beauty

"This is my go-to treatment for plumping the face, relieving body and mind tension, and toning the body", she divulged. "I try to do this every other day or at least once a week, as it only takes 12 minutes (even with my favourite optional extras). The basic routine is: Three minutes of hot, 30 seconds of cold. Go as hot and cold as you can bear. Repeat three times."

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On the days when she's not blasting hot and cold for 12 whole minutes, she's still fitting the treatment in proving its manageable even during the busiest times. "Everyday at the end of a hot shower or bath, I always conclude with a refreshing, toning and strengthening blast of cold - 30 seconds of full-jet undiluted water, all over your body", she says. "I've done this for almost 30 years now and I have no doubt it has contributed to my youthful appearance, which is why it's one of my top tips. Summer through winter, no matter where I am in the world or how cold the water temperature gets, it's always part of my daily beautifying routine".

We wanted to find out more about Abigail's beauty regime, and she told HELLO! that she's not obsessed with wrinkles, saying: "I don't worry about ageing. I have many older women I admire greatly, who haven’t tampered with their skin surgically, age can be so beautiful. It's the light in the eyes, the smile, and radiant health I really admire."

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On the subject of her unique cleansing method, she said: "The beauty/skin regime I follow has been practiced over 30 years, from the things I've learned mostly from reading health books. I prefer to use what goes on the 'inside' of my body as my lifelong efficient skincare routine. For decades I've paid more for organic produce (not always easy back in the day), goji berries, raw cacao, superfood supplements like medicinal mushrooms, wild harvested seaweeds, probiotics and spirulina."

She continued: "I wrote a raw cacao book - Model Chocolate - the chocolate models eat, because I eat these kind of superfood rich treats daily as my true beauty food. My outwardly skincare is minimal; exfoliation, aloe fresh from the garden, Rose hip oil, essential oils of Frankincense and myrrh. I also make masks using cacao or turmeric."  

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Interestingly, she doesn't wear a high SPF even though she lives Down Under, telling us: "I don't wear sunscreen generally - coconut oil apparently has a small level of protection so I wear that if I'm in the sun - but I'm sensible. I don’t ever let myself 'burn'. Your own skin type will let you know how much sun is healthy, and we need Vitamin D for beautiful skin and other health aspects. If I'm going to be in harsh sun longer than ideal, I'll wear something natural as possible like pure zinc, or chemical free factor."

Anyone else jumping straight in the shower when they get home and digging out their turmeric? 

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