Huda Beauty's Mona Kattan talks world domination, her new fragrance, and why her heart's with Meghan Markle 

We sat down with Mona Kattan for a gossip with the Princess of the perfume world… 

This week, Huda and Mona Kattan, the founders of Huda Beauty, have launched a new scent in their Kayali collection, Déjà vu White Flower 57. "Tuberose is one of my favourite ingredients, so it was really important we got it right in this fragrance," Mona told HELLO! "Tuberose can be kind of mature, so we mixed in top notes like nectarine and pear to really create something special. And then, of course, we added vanilla - because we add it to everything! It’s so addictive." 

When we got the chance to sit down with Mona we were desperate to talk all things fragrance, her life as a bonafide girl boss and what she really thinks about the royal ladies... 

Hi Mona! Who did you test White Flower on?

Everybody. I'd be asking for permission and spraying it at the same time. Driving people crazy.

Were your sisters involved?

Yeah, absolutely. Huda was a bit more involved initially with the project and then as time en on she just didn't have has much time and also it's really my passion project. Initially, she was really helpful, even 'til now I spray her all the time and get her opinion and we disagree a lot, we have very different taste when it comes to fragrance so I don't take her opinion as 'I'm going to listen to this 100 percent' but I take her feedback.

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What scent reminds you of the UK?

Penhaligon's. I have a few different ones from them, I like peppery, maybe English leather as well but peppery and fresh and bergamot. Jo Malone as well, I love her so much, I love her fragrances, I love Jo Loves - it's hard to pick I'd say peppery with bergamot and maybe some English weather or something like that.

Do you like any celebrity fragrances?

There are lots of celebrity fragrances that I love, like Ariana Grande, I like Britney Spears, surprisingly because you think it's targeted to young girls but I love it, it's actually beautiful. I did like Kim Kardashian's original one that she launched a long time ago, her new ones I like too, I like them as well. J-Lo, she makes some great fragrances.

Is White Flower the perfect wedding fragrance?

Absolutely, I think out of all of the fragrances it's probably the best one for a bride, I think it's got so many facets of being feminine and it doesn't have to feminine either but it is very sexy and comforting and sensual so I think probably the best ones we have, that or Musk.

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You're a girlboss, tell us what scent you should wear in the boardroom?

I think again it's very personal so for myself, I feel super confident when I wear something that is very sexy. So, I like Elixr for the boardroom, I think the apple makes it very crisp and it's very energising but then its also really sexy and it just makes me feel good.

How about the outfit?

I feel good in heels, but I've got to be honest I'd probably be in flats 80 percent of the time because we're working so much all the time, so I can't wear heels all day.

What's the one question you get asked the most by fans?

Can I have a selfie? And a lot ask to work with us, too.

What's most exciting about your career? 

I feel like the most exciting is the team, I love just being able to create such amazing careers for everyone. I think that's very special. There are so many other factors, like creating, I love being able to take ideas and execute them and see it all come to life - it's just magical. But it's fulfilment, giving people a great career.

When we first started we were self-employed for the longest time, I think the first two, three years it was just us and I think we had one PA for a short period of time and then we got another so it was very difficult and then we started hiring people and we had to convince people to work with us. Like, 'We know this might not be the best opportunity but you have to believe in us, we're on to something' but it's difficult finding people to actually think to take this job over Estee Lauder, or L'Oreal, it's a gamble and it was really hard and now we have our team saying this is their dream job and they are so fulfilled and they're excited and being able to pay them well, it excites me. I just can't believe we can offer these great packages for people it makes me so happy.

How do you feel being compared to the Kardashians?

It's a lot less now than it used to be, I think in 2007/2008 when the Kardashians first exploded and when we were coming into the scene, it was crazy. I feel we are so different but I think the sisterhood, three sisters, the dark hair, big hair is where we're similar. They are great girls, and all such women bosses. We have to appreciate and give credit to them, and to what Kim has done with KKW and Skims, I think they're doing a lot of great things.

How do you feel about the royals? 

I love Meghan Markle. My heart's with her, I hate that she is having a rough time right now but I think she is amazing. It actually made me fall in love with Harry and I never cared about Harry before but after, I was like 'he's SO HOT'. I was like 'he broke on stereotypes, dating an older and a divorced woman and a woman of colour', that was just so sexy to see a guy be so … god, he's a strong man, I love it!

What fragrance would you choose for Meghan?

I would mix White Flower with maybe Vanilla. White Flower with anything!

Go on, please give us your scent hacks...

When I have the time I spend 20-plus minutes putting on perfume.

Honestly, everywhere, but if you have no time I would say put it on the pulse points and areas where you might sweat a bit, back of the neck behind the ears. Just because when you sweat it kind of diffuses almost.

I actually prefer to put it on clothes because I feel that it absorbs the fragrance longer and lasts longer. And I also sometimes spray the back of my hair.

Could a hair scent be in the works?

It is (on the list) it's something we're working on...

January is all about reflection and new beginnings, what's your new year resolutions for 2020?

Honestly, I have so many, I'm always like 'new goals, I've got to set new goals.' Every week, I look at my goal sheet and I'm like, 'what am I doing?' and tick off what I have to change now, so I don't really wait until new years. But the past year and a half has really been a year of focusing on my health and taking care of myself health-wise and becoming the healthiest version of myself. Health is so important and I think as a work-a-holic and as someone who's been so consumed with business for such a long time, I really lost touch with taking care of myself health-wise so I had like a year and a half where I was like 'I need to take care of myself', so wellness, I think healthy is the new wealthy and happy is the new successful -  focus on those two things and that's all that matters. It matters more than everything. I think what we were taught to focus on ten years ago, is different now. I think there's a lot more awareness that happiness is everything.

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