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The Oprah-approved SPF brand she gifted to all her friends

Sunscreen brand Saltee counts Oprah as a fan... 

Oprah wearing a white top

Oprah has good taste, there’s no denying that. The 69-year-old tastemaker often shares with her followers her recommendations, and as a result this leads to an influx in sales and the brand gets bigger. 

Saltee - a luxury, sustainable travel brand - can be added to the list of Oprah’s go-to favourites. 

Oprah organically came across Saltee and fell in love with their products - she independently purchased products from their site for herself and then as an extra gesture, as she loved the brand so much, she bought and gifted hundreds of Saltee gift sets for her pals at the 50th birthday party she hosted for her BFF Ava DuVernay at her home in Maui.

Her faves include the Hydrating Mist, Daily Protection Formula SPF 50 and the Sun & Sun Lotion SPF 30 which the brand have created into a limited edition Saltee x Ava Maui gift set in her honour. 

Saltee x Ava Maui gift set inspired by Oprah

The gift set curated exclusively for Oprah.

Saltee Sea & Sun Formula (for the Face, SPF 50) and Sea & Sun Lotion (for the body, SPF 30) will keep you protected and the Saltee Hydrating Mist is a refreshing and cooling treat for the face that soothes and rejuvenates the skin.

Presented in the same beautiful organic cotton beach bag that Oprah loved when sharing with her guests.

She shared at the time: “I love my friends to have something to welcome them and they should also part with something lovely to remember the entire experience.” 

She added: “People will be lying in the sun and Saltee does a great GREAT sunscreen.”

Wow! Can you imagine what that must feel like to have Oprah say such amazing things about your brand? Talk about a pinch me moment.  

Saltee pride themselves on their science-led approach in identifying and avoiding ingredients that might be considered harmful to ocean life without compromising on quality. The products are made in the UK and are pumped with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and neroli oil. Each formula will care for your skin beyond the realms of protection against photo damage, UV rays and IR radiation. Never gloopy, sticky or prone to leaving a white cast, each Saltee delight is also vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and responsibly sourced, with all packaging having been created via recycled materials. 


The Hydrating Daily Face Collection is a bestseller for a reason

The reviews are excellent, with one happy shopper writing: "Currently in Mexico trying out Saltee for the first time. It’s brilliant for anyone with sensitive skin and it applies brilliantly. Definitely going to keep buying it. Best suntan lotion and the face mist was excellent during our flight. Highly recommend it if you have dry skin."

Another shared: "I was looking for a really good, high factor face cream for a holiday to Australia. One that I could wear every day that isn’t too thick but does its job. Saltee is just perfect - and the spritzer is wonderful on the beach after swimming. I will definitely recommend."

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