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I'm 40 and I tried The Ordinary’s TikTok skincare hack - here's my honest opinion

The TikTok trick combines two The Ordinary serums for smoother skin – but does it really work?

Updated 2 days ago
The Ordinary Serums tried and tested
Carla Challis
Carla ChallisCommerce Partnerships Editor
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TikTok skincare crazes come and go, but one that seems to have stuck around is the genius combination of two purse-friendly The Ordinary serums - said to give skin a similar effect to anti-winkle injections

Sounds good to be true doesn't it? Especially when you find out the price! At under £10/$12 each, they're both praised by beauty fans individually for their hydration and wrinkle-smoothing powers. And when combined, now you're talking - the two The Ordinary Serums as a combo are said to become a youth-giving, line-removing power duo. I wasn't paid by the brand or gifted the items, but wanted to try out the viral skincare hack and bought them both to see if the claims really are true. Anything in the name of beauty...

The Ordinary TikTok claims - the lowdown

Beauty TikTokkers claim that combining The Ordinary’s Argireline Solution 10% and The Ordinary’s Matrixyl 10% daily gives a ‘notox’ effect; The Ordinary’s Argireline Solution 10% claims to “prevent the muscle movement that leads to wrinkle formation” and is a "non-injective" solution while the Matrixyl 10% is described as a “high performance solution that works to visibly combat signs of ageing.”

The Ordinary Skincare
I added The Ordinary's viral skincare hack to my beauty routine

The buzz follows the hashtag #botoxinabottle, garnering over 16 million views with TikTokkers making the genius discovery of mixing these two skincare ingredients.

TikTok beauty enthusiasts have applauded the discovery, with @sarahpalmyra telling her 810k+ followers that she is “blown away by the results” after trying the products for four weeks.

She said she was most impressed with their ability to lessen the ‘11’ frown lines between her eyebrows, with others noticing a difference in their smile lines and forehead wrinkles. Another TikTokker even claimed the bargain beauty buys have made her reconsider getting anti-wrinkle injections.

"Before you go booking that appointment, I think I've found the product that can literally change all of our lives. When I tell you that I went to bed and had a little bit of a smile line, put this on and I woke up the next day with nothing..." @sieraalexis explained in a video.

Does TikTok’s #beautyinabottle work? Here’s my honest review

Never one to shy away from trying something in the name of beauty, I – a 40-year-old mum of one whose child wakes up 2-4 times a night (so beauty sleep is a thing of the past) – gave The Ordinary’s buzzed about duo a go.

The product description for both products explain that they can be used morning and evening, and I started with evening – the matrixyl carries a warning to test the product out on a small area first, and I wanted to make sure it didn’t cause a flare up. I have quite reactive skin but found no problem, so persevered.

Both serums are clear, and watery in texture, but The Ordinary’s signature apothecary style dropper bottles made them easy to apply. I cleansed and toned before layering the two; The Ordinary says to apply a few drops of each product around the eyes and forehead area, but I followed the TikTokker advice and slathered onto my smile lines and quite honestly, around my entire face. It’s recommended to follow up with a light moisturiser (which I forgot).

The texture isn’t sticky and absorbed quickly into the skin. After the first evening of trying, I woke up with slightly better hydrated skin but nothing noteworthy. Following the same routine over the next few evenings, my skin’s hydration levels kept getting better. After a week of evening-only use, my forehead lines had softened slightly and my ‘11s’ (the frown lines between the brows) were less prominent.

The Ordinary products - pros and cons


  • Affordable - both products are under £10 each
  • Non-sticky - They sunk into my skin like a dream, even when layering the two
  • Results - My skin definitely looked fresher and less lined


  • Application - I did find it hard to get all of the product out of the bottle, as the dropper application just couldn't reach it all
  • Not an overnighter - You're not going to see results straight away (you will, you just have to be patient!) If it's a quick fix you want, this isn't the duo for you but if you want your skin to improve over time, go grab them
  • Availability - These are popular, and seem to go in and out of stock a lot. My tip? Stock up, especially when they're on sale

Generally, my skin looked to have a tiny bit more of a glow – not something my skin has had for the last few months in this dismal UK winter weather. After two weeks, the glow kept brightening and while my lines and wrinkles are still there, they’re not quite as obvious.

The products didn’t freeze my face, or have me waking up with filter-worthy skin, but their radiant-inducing work has earned a place in my beauty routine. Instant results they might not give, but with continued use, I’m seeing such an improvement that I’m bulk-buying before they sell out.