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InTheFrow reveals her secrets for Instagram success

InTheFrow is the new ambassador for Bulgari and Hello! Fashion’s September cover star…

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Initially an online channel, and later adding an Instagram account, Victoria Magrath launched InTheFrow nine years ago. The name derives from both her favourite Alanis Morissette song, Front Row, “I’ve always been a massive fan,” and the term referring to sitting in the front row at a fashion show. “Back then ‘frow’ was becoming a keyword, so I coined it and I feel quite lucky I did – I was amazed that no-one had already.”

A byword for positivity, Victoria is upbeat and apologetically chatty; you can see how she has made such a success of her digital platforms, which are as polished as they are relatable. So what would she advise anyone wanting to follow her path? 

“Be authentic, it’s very easy to see what other people are doing and to try to emulate them, but that never works. Find your voice and a style that really suits you and then be consistent – keeping up the content as much as possible is what’s going to help you grow and succeed.”

VIDEO: Watch InTheFrow on her HFM cover shoot

Although the majority of her feedback is genuinely affable, like anyone in the spotlight, with the exposure comes the occasional troll. “I make sure that I take time away if I feel there’s a barrage of negativity. I try to zone out and realise other people’s feelings aren’t always representative of me, because some people don’t know me personally.”

Although Victoria has been involved in many different brand partnerships, she tells us that becoming the first ever UK Accessories Ambassador for Bulgari is her biggest achievement thus far. “The fact this global luxury company wanted me to be a piece of their puzzle is such an honour. It was an absolutely massive career moment for me.”

In the frow

InTheFrow wears a Dior dress and Bulgari jewellery for her Hello! fashion cover shoot

As well as plans to branch out into the beauty industry, continuing to work with Bulgari and collaborate with British clothing brand Holland Cooper - her second collection for AW21 has just dropped; Victoria hopes to remain doing what she’s doing.

“If I’m still successful in this space and people are still enjoying what I’m putting out there, then I’ll be happy. I guess I just want to be able to continue being as content as I am now. I do hope I never lose my love for it.”

Hello! Fashion’s September issue is out now.

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