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Camille Charrière reveals how finding love has changed her as an influencer

Camille Charrière is Hello! Fashion’s June cover star…

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HELLO! Fashion speaks to Camille Charrière, the ultimate multi-hyphenate: a writer, brand consultant, podcaster, and digital influencer with over a million followers. An infinite repertoire she explains as generational. 

"Like a lot of people of my age, I’ve adapted to the market, which probably didn't allow us the linear career trajectories our parents had. The benefit is that we are able to create a career for ourselves that is rich and allows us to work on various projects at the same time."

VIDEO: Watch Camille Charriere on her HFM cover shoot

Her carefully curated Instagram feed (@chamillecharriere) reached the one million milestone last year, "My manager sent me a really nice cake spelling out 'Un Million', because we were always joking, when is it going to happen?"  

camille cover

She partly puts the spike down to her openness since speaking about her relationship with film producer fiancé François Larpin, as meeting him finally allowed her to reconnect the person she is offline, with who she is on. 

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Meaning she now feels free to write articles that are personal to her, something she was wary of doing while single. "If I ended up on a date and liked a guy, I didn’t want him to then go online and see that I was desperate to find a boyfriend and really struggling with my singledom."

camille chanel

Camille's Chanel knit is going straight on our wish list 

Camille, who is from Versailles, but based in west London, describes her style as an eclectic mix of two cultures. "I’m French in the sense I wear a lot of the same simple pieces such as denim, big jackets or coats, and white t-shirts; but I have an English desire to sometimes go really rogue and have fun with it - I don't take my sense of style too seriously."

camille street style

A street style photo of Camille

She added: "I'm not obsessed with the idea of always getting it right. I don't mind if sometimes it looks a bit off, a little bit teenager, or a little bit too sexy. I think, on the contrary, as what makes someone interesting is when they show up and wear something that no one is expecting, which I don't think happens in France."

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