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Fashion influencers We Are Twinset launch luxe loungewear and it'll be ALL OVER your Instagram feed

We Are Twinset's WAT THE BRAND launches Tuesday and they've got Meghan Markle in their sights...

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If you thought you were all shopped out when it comes to loungewear, think again! Style mavens We Are Twinset (comprised of Sarah Ellis and Philippa Ross) will be launching WAT THE BRAND on Tuesday 16 March, and you're going to want the first drop. The 12-piece luxe loungewear collection is inspired by the confidence they found through clothes, and they want to make women feel happy, fearless and empowered. We spoke to the girls recently about the collection and why they've got their sights on a certain Meghan Markle... 

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wat brand 1

Sarah and Philippa wearing their WAT THE BRAND designs


Hi girls, congrats on the launch of your brand! Are you nervous? Excited? Scared? All of the above?  

Sarah: "Thank you so much, we are so excited! It’s been a dream of ours for so long and it’s finally here - we literally can’t believe it! Of course, there are a few nerves too…Covid and all its restrictions has been testing but we’ve got through it and we are bursting with excitement."

Luxe loungewear is right up our street, what do you think makes the perfect lounge outfit? 

Philippa: "For us, it is all about the cut, we’ve all bought trackies in the past that we really like but sadly we just don’t feel good in. So, with WAT THE BRAND we have worked so hard on the silhouette and used all our experience as stylists to perfect that flattering fit that we are so confident you are all going to love."

Where do you think some brands get it wrong? Personally, it's the wide joggers - so unflattering! 

Sarah: "Yes, we aren’t wide-leg jogger fans either! It’s the shape and the colour that we constantly struggled with that actually encouraged us to create our first collection, The Core Collection. Too often we would buy things that just weren’t quite right, tight in the wrong places, cut unflatteringly and generally being ill-fitting. Plus, we never found the colours that we really wanted, so we made our own!"

wat brand 3

Who better to model the collection than Philippa and Sarah?! 

How many loungewear outfits do you think you both own now? And why is your collection worth investing in? 

Philippa: "Would you believe us if we said we genuinely culled them all apart from WAT THE BRAND?! Why wear anything else?! We are so obsessed with what we have created we can’t bear the thought of not wearing them all the time!"

Can you give us any teasers for drops 2 or 3? 

Sarah: "So, it’s not just loungewear…. we have so many big things coming! There’s some seriously good wardrobe staples that we are extremely excited about plus some mix and match pieces continuing on with our theme of a muted colour palette."

Will there be accessories to buy? 


What do you think will fly off the shelves? 

Both: "We’ve been so overwhelmed by all the feedback from our followers and judging by the panic in everyone’s messages…it’s the slate grey crewneck and joggers that are set to fly!"

The palette is predominantly neutral - what made you decide on the colourways? 

Philippa: "As we’ve got older, we’ve come to understand our style more and what we feel best in and it’s always paired back neutrals in classic shapes. So, it made sense for us to follow this through into our brand." 

wat brand 2

Their signature colour? Nudes

Did you have any disagreements over decision making? 

Sarah: "Literally never! We are honestly on the same page 99% of the time. Having worked with each other for so long we totally get the other’s perspective, so we always find that middle ground." 

Who would be your dream celebrity to be spotted wearing WAT? 

Both: "The Queen that is RHW... Rosie Huntington-Whiteley." 


Who would be your dream royal to be spotted wearing WAT? 

Both: "Meghan Markle. We can really picture her in the stone colourway." 

Your followers are excited about a Mini Me drop - as mums yourself, was this important to you from the get-go? 

"It just felt like such a natural thing for us to do mini me sets. We always get asked about how we dress our kids and we loved the idea of being able to create kidswear alongside our womenswear collection. Plus, you know we can’t say no to twinning!"

Sarah, as you’re pregnant right now, can we expect a maternity line in the future? 

Sarah: "This isn’t something that’s in the pipeline yet but who knows! I’m just sizing up now for the bump and the pieces work perfectly!" 

Do you have any top styling tips for mamas to be as we move into spring? 

Sarah: "Find pieces you feel comfy in and then try and work in some existing items from your wardrobe. The maternity selections out there aren’t the greatest, so it’s easy to struggle with your style. We’ve always both loved mixing in some of our beloved blazers and jackets with maternity essentials like jeans and tees to help us still feel like ourselves." 

Fashion is a big love for you guys, but would you like to eventually expand into homeware or even a beauty line? 

Philippa: "Homeware is a big passion of both of ours and it is definitely something we would love to see in the future! Plus, we keep getting asked about it….so watch this space!"

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We celebrated International Women’s Day recently, who in the public eye inspires you? 

Sarah: "There are a lot of influencers who we really look up to and we’ve followed since day one. We’ve been so inspired watching their careers grow and their journeys and now are all Mummas too, Arielle Charnas and Anine Bing are two of our most loved." 

It was fate that you girls found one another at a work event years ago - what are people's best reactions when they find out you aren't twins (or even sisters)? 

Philippa: "100% yes! It’s so strange because the minute we met we had this connection and so many crazy similarities, we call each other soul sisters and we genuinely believe it! All these years later people are still so gobsmacked we aren’t related!" 


What will you be wearing come June 21st? 

Sarah: "WAT THE BRAND! But maybe we’ll mix it up with a pair of jeans too." 

What are the top trends you pair are looking to wear this spring/summer? 

Philippa: "Big sunglasses, chunky dad sandals and definitely a couple of floaty dresses thrown in there too."


Lastly, we need to know your tips, how do you store all your clothes? Especially loungewear as it takes up so much room! 

Sarah: "We both have made our spare rooms into wardrobes and we hang as much as we can as we find folding can get messy so easily. We keep out of season stuff in boxes which we switch up seasonally, so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space. For  loungewear, we both fold the bottoms and hang the tops as find it’s less bulky that way!"

Shop WAT THE BRAND when it launches on Tuesday 16 March. Prices range from £30 - £52. 

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