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Editor's Letter: February 2024

Natalie Salmon shares her thoughts on the Self Love: February Digital Edition...

Editor's Letter: February 2024
Natalie Salmon
Fashion Digital Editor
February 14, 2024
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Welcome to our first extended digital edition, the Self-Love Issue.

For some 'Self-Love' has become the kind of post-pandemic vernacular that guarantees an immediate eye-roll at the dinner table.

But in a world where our cups often runneth rather empty, taking a moment to pause and reflect on ourselves, our own achievements and our goals is crucial. This digital issue is a celebration of the journey towards self-acceptance, self-care, and the empowerment that comes from embracing who we truly are. The theme of love, especially in its modern context, threads throughout this issue. 

It's about more than just self-care routines or positive affirmations; it's about cultivating a deep, nurturing relationship with the one person who really matters... and that reader, is you. 

Our cover star, Sonny Turner, embodies the spirit of self-love in every sense. Sonny's journey is one of resilience and the relentless pursuit of self-expression in a society that often sets narrow standards of beauty and success. Through intimate conversation, Sonny shares insights on the transformative power of loving oneself unconditionally. I met her on the set of her cover shoot earlier this year, and can also attest, she's a total peach. 

Although Valentine's Day is a dreaded occasion for some, we thought we'd inject a bit of fun into the day with an issue teaming with must-reads; Niomi Smart's Eat Pray Love era, nightmare dating stories (we've all been there), the team's go-to date night beauty products, as well as styling advice and more...

Natalie Salmon headshot© Phil Taylor

Here's to finding love in all its forms, but most importantly, finding it within ourselves.

PS: See more exclusive stories from the Hello! Fashion Self Love Issue here.

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