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Sadie Frost's second act: 'I'm the best version of me'

 At 58, Sadie Frost is living her best life. She tells HELLO! how she reprioritised and found herself happier than ever

Sadie Frost smiling on a pink sofa
Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
2 February 2024
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When I was invited to a yoga session with Sadie Frost, I had no idea that the Primrose Hill icon would be teaching the class herself.

As Sadie guided us through six poses designed to relax and rejuvenate, it made total sense that she decided to retraine as a yoga teacher. Her voice was incredibly soothing, and when she corrected my alignment, she applied just the right amount of pressure. As the class wrapped up, Sadie revealed she'd been super nervous as it was her first ever time teaching a group– but we'd never have known.

"I've been involved in wellness all my life, but I've realised that as you go through different chapters of your life, different things matter to you," Sadie said of why she'd decided to retrain as a yoga teacher. "I love healing and I love being in an industry where you walk in and it's a safe space."

Sadie Frost in a orange top doing yoga© Instagram
Sadie Frost has retrained as a yoga teacher

Sadie explained it's an entirely different environment from the film sets she spent much of her life in. "Being in the film industry all my life, which is a very competitive industry, it can be quite negative, and I realised I wasn't ultimately happy. But doing this makes me happy.

"Putting the work in and meditating helps you come to terms with things, breathing and slowing things down has been instrumental to my happiness."

Despite her zen demeanour, Sadie shared she'd had a stressful morning, losing her passport in Paris just hours before she was due to teach the class. Thanks to her new approach to life, she was able to take it in her stride.

"Just doing that class, I reset. Normally I get bogged down by things, but doing the breathwork, moving through things and clearing the energy creates happiness.

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"Walking and connecting with nature, appreciating small things like birds flying, and opening myself up to the things around me all go toward making me happy."

Sadie has repriotised her life, eschewing the manic busyness of her younger years, explaining: "I think I feel the healthiest and most connected when I'm looking after myself.

Sadie Frost hiking© Instagram
Sadie Frost loves to spend time in nature

"The most important thing in life is having time and being happy and healthy rather than being busy, because when you live that way, you're not connecting with people.

"To be the best possible version of me, I need to be able to connect and I do feel I am the best version of myself now. I'm being true to myself. I'm in control of my life and I know that I'm eating the best food, I'm doing yoga and meditation, I'm getting fresh air, I'm connecting with my family."

So cocooned in her new approach to life, Sadie has teamed up with Amchara wellness retreat in Gozo to host her own retreat, calling the island her happy place. "The experience that people have at Amchara is transformational, and to be part of helping others reset and restore in such a special place is a real thrill," she says.

Sadie's love of Gozo is not to say she's shunned her Primrose Hill roots. "If I'm in London, Primrose Hill is my happy place, I love it there, but I also love being around the countryside at my cottage in Wiltshire, so I go there and then, and I have a huge passion for India too."

Sadie Frost outside a thatched cottage in the countryside© Instagram
Sadie Frost loves to be in the countryside

Keen to know what makes Sadie tick when it comes to her happiest self, we quizzed her on her happiness essentials...

Sadie Frost's happy song

"I love a sad song that makes me cry. Sometimes you feel happier when you get it all out. But also, 'Here Comes The Sun' by The Beatles. It's obvious, but it's a good one."

Sadie Frost's happy person

"My dachshund Cherry never fails to make me smile. I know she's not a person, but she gives me the most joy, she's a really good cuddler.

Sadie Frost cuddling a dog© Getty
Sadie's dog Cherry makes her happy

"As well as all of my children – but I couldn’t pick just one of them."

My happy scent

"Citrus scents, like Dyptique's Eau De Sense."

 My happiest achievement

"My four beautiful children. They bring me happiness every day.

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"I feel like bringing up four kids and being a single mum is an amazing achievement and it's so good to have a good, healthy relationship with them. It's nice having a slightly bigger family as well."

 My happiest meal

"A really healthy vegan sandwich with vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise and all the trimmings, like pickles and onions. I think that is heaven."

Sadie Frost is a partner of Amchara's Gozo health retreat, bringing her unique sense of style along with her holistic wellness philosophy to the popular Maltese wellness destination.

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