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The shepherdess whose flock you definitely need to follow on Instagram

*Double tap*


You'll want to add this Instagram to your follow list, trust us; Zoe Colville, aka The Chief Shepherdess, has the cutest animal Instagram going. Her account details her life on the farm, with her lambs and sheep as the stars. Zoe, 29, swapped London life for rural Kent five years after meeting partner Kriss, who grew up on farms. Together, they rented a farm with just 32 ewes and have since grown it to over 700. Zoe, who is also a hairdresser, initially began her Instagram to show her clients, friends and family her new adventures – and to educate them on farming, too. And it's her adorable flock that has amassed her a following of over 10,000 people, and made Zoe an inspiration to fellow female farmers along the way.

lamb© Zoe Colville

Zoe's flock have become Insta-famous

"It's pretty cool that the amount of shepherdess' is growing so rapidly," says Zoe. "It's such a community of women supporting each other and can openly talk about sheep and afterbirth without getting weird looks!

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"I initially started my Instagram to show friends and family my new adventures, and to educate them on the work that goes into producing their Sunday roast! I never imagined in a million years I'd get the reception that I have on Instagram, people are truly invested in my normal day to day life which is pretty special considering I just do what I do. I've cried multiple times at some messages that are just so cute and surreal - mainly people telling me that our animals and the Instagram stories are getting them through tough times and are the highlight of their day. If that doesn't melt your heart I don’t know what will."

Zoe has lambed hundreds of sheep since moving to the farm, but says her most memorable lamb was one she named Norma. "She was such a memorable character. I used to take her for walks round the farm at heel like a dog - she was obsessed with me. And potentially the sassiest animal I've ever met!" 

Swapping hairdressing for farming hasn't been without its challenges, but Zoe says she is able to overcome them on the job. Apart from one. "My biggest challenge is climbing over fences topped with barbed wire without getting snagged – I’m only 5ft4 on a good day!," she laughs.

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