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A major bank has launched a wellbeing hub for staff in response to COVID-19 stress

The hub offers a virtual GP service, seminars and more…

natwest wellbeing hub

Following the COVID-19 crisis that has gripped the nation, major bank NatWest has launched a wellbeing hub to provide extra support to its staff and their families. Bringing together existing and new services, the hub sits on NatWest’s intranet and can be accessed by all staff members, with the aim to help ease the stress associated with coronavirus.

Some of the services available on the wellbeing hub include a virtual GP service for all staff in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, and an Employee Assistance Programme that is available 24/7 for staff. This contains a toolkit that offers guidance on how to remain healthy and deal with the emotional impacts of the outbreak.

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There’s also learning and training opportunities available for staff including advice on managing teams during the crisis, activities for children including storytelling via Zoom, and wellbeing seminars on goal setting, support with sleep and stress management. Volunteering opportunities are also available, as well as tips on how to talk to children about the pandemic.

alison natwest© Photography: Adam Hollingworth

Natwest's CEO Alison Rose will donate part of her salary in light of the COVID-19 crisis

This COVID-19 initiative comes alongside news that NatWest CEO Alison Rose will donate 25 percent of her fixed pay for the rest of the year to the National Emergencies Trust (NET) Coronavirus Appeal. This money is in addition to the £3 million and counting that NatWest has already raised for NET’s COVID-19 fund.

Looking for other ways to keep your mind and body active and healthy at home? Why not try one of the follow:

  1. Walk up and down the stairs for exercise
  2. Do some stretching every morning or evening
  3. Dance to music to a few minutes to lift your spirits
  4. Change between sitting and standing when working
  5. Maintain the correct posture while working from home
  6. Seek out additional online resources or contact your own employer to see what wellbeing initiatives they have in place

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