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World's largest all-electric aircraft takes to the skies - watch video

It flew for a historic 30 minutes!


Electric car sales are on the rise and even Prince Charles favours an eco-car over a traditional petrol motor, so it's not surprising that electric aircraft is the next environmentally-friendly mode of transport to be developed. The world's largest all-electric aircraft has made its maiden voyage over the skies of Washington, taking to the air for a historic 30 minutes – eclipsing a 15-minute flight made by a smaller electric aircraft last October. The Cessna 208B Grand Caravan seats up to nine people, and is fitted with a battery powered engine. Engine maker magniX hopes the aircraft could enter commercial travel service by the end of 2021, with a flying range of 100miles, and called the flight a "significant milestone in disrupting the transportation industry". Watch the video to see the majestic, all-electric Cessna in action.

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