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This genius floating power station can generate wind, wave and solar energy in one place

It's customisable depending on the weather, too

hybrid power station

Clean energy company SINN Power has developed the world's first floating ocean hybrid platform, which can harness the power of not only the ocean, but also the sun and the wind, to turn all three into renewable energy and electricity for nearby communities. Think of it as an environmentally-friendly 3-in-1 renewable energy powerhouse. With its onboard equipment, the offshore platform can generate power from the water underneath as well as solar energy and wind energy from above. What makes this particular design unique, however, is that it can be customised to make the most of the climate conditions wherever it’s placed; the idea is that it'll be able to easily supply renewable energy to islands.

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sinn power© SINN Power

The platform was developed by clean energy company, SINN Power

"The modular design has been a key element since we started developing maritime technologies that allow flexibility and a wide variety of applications," Dr Philipp Sinn, CEO SINN Power told Forbes. "The floating platform can supply renewable energy to islands across the world, for example, and contribute to the worldwide implementation of offshore wind farms." 

Amazingly, the prototype has taken only two years to develop, and is currently stationed in Heraklion, on the Greek island of Crete. The platform can cleverly raise or lower itself, depending on the height of the waves around it.

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And it's been gaining a lot of attention. "We are now preparing the floating platform to be used as a showcase, to enable wider access for potential customers. Politicians and representatives from other European nations have already visited. The next goal is in the autumn, when hopefully we'll be able to start marketing our unique electronics set," he added.

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