First look at Rosie Nixon's new novel Just Between Friends

The cover has just been released


HELLO!'s editor-in-chief Rosie Nixon has shared the cover of her new book, Just Between Friends, which is out in November. The gripping new novel tells the story of two pregnant women, Aisha and Lucy, who quickly become friends after joining the same baby group and are soon confiding in each other.

Part of the synopsis reads: "Aisha Moore is eight months pregnant. She's thrilled, and a little scared. Not least because her husband Jason hasn't quite wrapped his head around the fact. Lucy is having her first child too. She has finally got her wish – although the circumstances aren't quite what she had hoped. Oscar will be a great dad though, won't he?"

But there's one thing Lucy hasn't told her friend, and it's a big secret like this that will change absolutely everything.


Just Between Friends by Rosie Nixon, £7.99, Amazon


Rosie, who is the author of two previous novels The Stylist and Amber Green takes Manhattan, elaborated further and said: "It has taken me over three years to write Just Between Friends and it really has been a labour of love – labour being a clue, as the story is set in a baby group in London, where a group of women meet and quickly become friends. As the babies arrive, their friendships deepen.

"But there is a big secret between two of the women and through their alternating chapters, it is slowly revealed. It's a story of love, loss, fertility and the first year of motherhood - with a backdrop of baby wipes and broken nights. Only it's not just the babies keeping my central characters Aisha and Lucy awake and they soon find themselves with some difficult decisions to make."


Rosie was inspired by her own experience of attending a baby group © David Venni

Rosie added: "The idea is loosely based on my own experience of attending a baby group ahead of the birth of my first son and the close bond you quickly form with a bunch of women at the same stage of pregnancy as you. It struck me as an interesting premise for a novel. I also drew upon my personal experiences from the first year of motherhood - how wonderful it is, but also how overwhelming it can feel. Although the tangled web my characters find themselves in, is completely fictional, I assure you!

"This book marks a departure in style for me, from my previous two novels The Stylist and Amber Green Takes Manhattan, and I absolutely loved writing it in any spare moment. I really hope the HELLO! audience and those who have read my previous books, will enjoy it."

Full of secrets, lies and heartbreak, Just Between Friends is a gripping and emotional read. It will be published on 12 November and retail for £7.99.

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