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Mick Jagger - Biography

Mick Jagger's unique brand of charged, androgynous showmanship has not changed one iota in almost forty years of showbusiness, but the rebel without a pause has seamlessly slipped into the establishment without raising its roof, or anyone raising an eyebrow.

mick jagger

Homes in the Loire Valley (he has a château, La Fourchette, near Tours), Mustique, New York, Hollywood and London make Mick a jet-setter par excellence, although he has certainly not assumed the lifestyle of the idle rich he works very hard on increasing his vast fortune. Mick was born in the South London satellite town of Dartford on July 26 1943. Although he won a place at the prestigious London School of Economics, fame came calling with the blues band he started up with Keith Richards (together they are known as the Glimmer Twins), Brian Jones, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman. The Rolling Stones quickly gained a rougher and sexier reputation than their contemporaries, the Beatles, in Sixties swinging London, with stories of goings-on that even today's rock stars would have problems keeping up with. Throughout his four decades of fame, Mick has been linked with some of the most beautiful women in the world and has seven children by four : Marianne Faithfull; Bianca Rose Perez Moreno de Macias, whom he made Mrs Jagger in 1971, five months before she gave birth to Jade; Marsha Hunt (they have a daughter, Karis); Jerry Hall, mother of four of his children; Carla Bruni and Luciana Morad (lovechild Lucas was born in 1999). Many society girls, including Catherine Guinness and Cornelia Guest, as well as models and even actress Uma Thurman have been linked with him. When Luciana revealed she was pregnant by Mick, it proved the final straw for Jerry Hall and she filed for divorce. Mick's claim that their 1991 Hindu wedding ceremony was not legally binding as a marriage struck a sour note, but the rocker, who is notoriously careful with his money, did finally reach an eight-figure settlement with Jerry. By the start of the new millenium it seemed as though Mick was ready to settle down again, though - this time with statuesque 6ft 4in former model L'Wren Scott, who he describes as his "main point of interest". In another indicator of his new-found outlook, he accepted a knighthood in 2003 and on December 12 was knighted by the Prince of Wales. This move caused uproar among some of his fans, however, who were disappointed he'd chosen to contradict his famous anti-establishment stance. Although the singer said that he would not be rockin' and rollin' beyond his 33rd year, the Stones were still touring in 2007. In fact, their Bigger Bang tour saw them listed in the Guinness Book of World Records after they earned a staggering $437 million from the string of gigs. Mick has branched out into film producing in the past, too. One of his movies, Enigma, which stars , has a certain M Jagger (appearing alongside his model daughter Elizabeth, in a non-speaking role) as a wartime RAF officer, complete with slicked-down, patent-leather hair. And three film projects were on the agenda for 2008 - Shine A Light, The Women and Ruby Tuesday.

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