11 JANUARY 2008

Princess Diana feared she would be "bumped off" by MI6 as a result of her work campaigning against landmines, the inquest into her death has heard.

Taking to the stand on Thursday, Diana's alternative therapist Simone Simmons told the jury the Princess was getting ready to publish a dossier entitled Profiting From Misery which named those making money out of landmines.

"Top of her list of culprits was the Secret Intelligence Service," said the therapist, who first bonded with Diana when the Princess visited her complementary clinic in 1993. "She believed them to be behind the sale of British landmines that were causing so much misery to so many people," added Miss Simmons.

The therapist, who said she visited Diana at Kensington Palace up to five times a week, stated she was given the six-inch thick dossier by the Princess, with a note saying: "If something happens, MI5 or MI6 will have done it."

"I was more than nervous," testified the healer. "If I had the material, I might well have been bumped off as well." She later burned the documents, she explained, after keeping them under her mattress for several months.

Miss Simmons also spoke of her shock at the content of letters sent to the Princess by the Duke of Edinburgh. She claims they contained a marked change in tone from Diana's 'Dearest Pa' correspondence with Prince Philip three years earlier.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Simone Simmons, the late Princess' alternative therapist, told the inquest Diana feared she'd be "bumped off" by MI6 due to a dossier she'd compiled naming those profiting from landmines Photo: © Rex
Photo: © Alphapress.com
The complementary healer also referred to letters sent by the Duke of Edinburgh to Princess Diana, describing how she was "shocked" by the content of one of the missives Photo: © Getty Images