A word from mum Mary brings Christian into line at Danish royal celebration

When, during his grandfather's birthday parade, Prince Christian of Denmark had one of those moments which all little boys occasionally have, his mother soon had him back on best behaviour by staying cool and having a firm word
 Photo: © Rex

Even cute little princes like Princess Mary of Denmark's three-year-old, can have their off days. When little Christian began playing up at a rather crucial moment – during the 75th birthday parade for his grandfather Henrik - a firm word was needed to make him behave.

Within minutes of his mum's remonstration, and following another intervention from his father Frederik, the little temper tantrum had passed.

Soon the royal youngster, whose face had earlier been crumpled with tears, was seen playing happily with his sister Isabella and cousin Nikolai, the son of his uncle, Prince Joachim.

In honour of Henrik, who is Prince Consort, all the males in the family, including Christian and Nikolai, were wearing a special medal adorned with his initial, which had been issued by his wife Queen Margrethe specifically for the occasion. 

Surrounded by his loved ones the royal patriarch, a doting grandfather to his five grandchildren, was clearly in his element as he watched the musical spectacle with the the two little boys cuddled up alongside him.

The festivities took place at Fredensborg Palace, a magnificent structure built in the 18th century on the island of Zealand, which the Danish royal family visit in the spring and autumn, and use as a venue in which to mark important events.

It was from a window in the residence that the royal couple saluted well-wishers earlier in the morning, still dressed in their nightwear, continuing what has now become a birthday tradition.