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'Natural flier' Prince Harry qualifies as elite Apache helicopter pilot

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Before embarking on the grueling ten-month course he admitted it would be "one of the biggest challenges in my life so far." But Prince Harry rose wholeheartedly to the task and was rewarded by recently qualifying as a prestigious Apache helicopter pilot.

Prince Harry

Only the most talented trainees are offered the chance to fly Apaches - often described as the most lethal aircraft ever created. Moreover, a mere two percent of all military helicopter pilots end up flying the strike aircraft - each worth £35 million. Having received his flying wings in May last year the 26-year-old opted to enlist on a conversion course to fly Apache helicopters.He said at the time: "It is a huge honour to have the chance to train on the Apache, which is an awesome helicopter."


"There is still a huge mountain for me to climb if I am to pass the Apache training course. To be honest, I think it will be one of the biggest challenges in my life so far." Speaking candidly the young prince added: "I am very determined though, as I do not want to let people down who have shown faith in my ability to fly this aircraft on operations. It is a seriously daunting prospect but I can't wait." A spokesman for the Prince - whose official title is Lieutenant Wales of the Army Air Corps - described him as "delighted" to have qualified. The 26-year-old could now be eligible to return to Afghanistan to serve in a front line combat position from 2012.

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