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Striking portrait of Danish royal family revealed


A mesmerising painting depicting three generations of the Danish royal family has been unveiled to the public.Click on photo below to enlarge.The artwork, created by Danish artist Thomas Kluge, may have received harsh criticism when it was revealed but Thomas had clearly put a lot of thought into the painting.A young Prince Christian, who is second-in-line to the throne, stands in the foreground and seems to be the focus of the painting. Dressed in a dark suit and with his face illuminated by a background glow, Christian immediately draws the viewer's eye.The eight-year-old is just one of three members of the family that make eye contact with the public, alongside Christian's father Crown Prince Frederik and the country's reigning monarch, Queen Margrethe II.While the other royal children are depicted playing with toys, including Denmark's very own Lego, Christian's characterisation suggests that the young prince is fully aware of his future responsibilities. 


In the background to the left, Crown Prince Frederik and

Princess Mary

are pictured carrying their two-year-old twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. Mary tenderly looks at her baby son as she carries the adorable Josephine.Just in front of them sits Queen Margrethe II and her consort, Prince Henrik, who lean back in their plush green, gold-embroidered sofa.Crown Prince Frederik's second child and younger brother of Prince Christian, six-year old Princess Isabella, is painted at Queen Margrethe II's side playing with her doll.To the right of the painting, the Queen's youngest son Prince Joachim stands next to his second wife

Princess Marie

, who is holding the couple's baby, one-year-old Princess Athena. Their first child, Prince Henrik, is shown crawling in the foreground.Prince Joachim's elder children from his previous marriage to Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg are shown building a tower out of red Lego pieces.The family portrait will hang in the Gala Hall at Christian VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg until 2 March 2014. It will then be moved permantely to royal residence Fredensborg Palace.

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