Princess Alice? New favored name for royal baby two is revealed

Princess Alice? As Kate Middleton is enjoying downtime at home with Prince George, and Prince William is busy training for his new air ambulance pilot job, a new name has made its way to the top of the betting list. According to William Hill, the bookmakers have seen a fresh wave of bookmakers believing that their second baby will be called Alice.

The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in "mid-to-late April" Photo: Getty Images

Bookmakers noted that a group of royal fans in Tunbridge, Kent have placed a large amount of bets on the name Alice, causing them to slash the odds to 4/1 from 14/1. Competing company Ladbrokes have also added the name to their betting pool with 3/1 odds after having Elizabeth (5/1) as the favorite just last week. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes says, "The support for Alice is relentless, and we've been left with no option but to take the scissors to the odds." These betting firms are the second to claim Alice as the favorite with Betfair Sportsbook always having the name as the top contender.

If the royal couple does decide to name their royal baby Alice, they would be paying homage to Queen Victoria's second daughter, Alice Maud Mary, who was famous for her compassionate nature and relentless advocacy of women's rights – two qualities that would be encouraged in a modern monarch.

Alice Maud Mary was a powerful female figure in British history Photo: Getty Images

Though William and Kate themselves do not know the gender of their second child, clearly the world is excited at the prospect of a little princess. Over 70 percent of William Hill customers are backing a baby girl and Elizabeth is proving to be the second most popular name with odds at 9/2, followed by Charlotte at 11/2 and Victoria at 12/1.

Kate recently revealed that she was due in "mid-to-late April" and if she does give birth near the Queen's birthday on April 21, Elizabeth would make for a fitting choice.

Elizabeth was the original favorite name Photo: Getty Images

The front-runner for a boy's name is Arthur at 20/1. That name has both a practical and more legendary meaning. Queen Victoria had a son named Arthur, so it would remain in the family. But, there's also the heroic Knight of the Round Table Arthur who has been an image of strength and bravery for generations.

Whatever they choose to name their little Prince or Princess, William and Kate will take joy in the fact that their second child will be born just days within their fourth-wedding anniversary, which falls on April 29.

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