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Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden find new house

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The plan was always for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden to move into Villa Solbacken after they married – but unfortunately for the royal couple, the villa was ridden with asbestos in certain areas. The newlyweds were forced to opt for plan B and according to local press, they have now found a new home.

Carl Philip and Sofia, who tied the knot in June, have taken up residence in Rosendal Palace, Swedish publication Aftonbladet reports.

The palace was built in 1827 and was always intended as a summer retreat – a place where the royal family could escape from the formalities of court life. Rosendal, however, has now become Carl Philip and Sofia's first marital home.

Prince Carl Philip © Photo: Rex

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip originally intended to live in Villa Solbacken

Located on the couple's favourite island of Djurgården in central Stockholm, the palace is normally open to the public during the summer months.

Guests can take a guided tour of the leafy grounds and the decadent interior, which looks very much the same as it did during King Karl XVI Johan and King Oskar's time. The palace remains in the hands of the royal family.

Carl Philip, 36, and Sofia, 30, had originally intended to begin their married life at Villa Solbacken, which was bequeathed to Carl Philip by the late Prince Bertil.

When Bertil died in 1997, he gave the historic villa to a young Carl Philip on the basis that his wife Princess Lilian could live there until her death. Lilian passed away in March 2013 and the house has since been unoccupied.

Prince Carl Philip1 © Photo: Rex

The newlyweds have found a new home – Rosendal Palace located on their favourite island

In February of this year, just four months before they married, Carl Philip and Sofia began renovation work on what they thought would be their future house. Complications arose when builders discovered asbestos, leaving the royal couple to abandon their original plan. More extensive work on the property is currently being carried out.

Carl Philip and Sofia started dating in early 2010, about a year after the prince split from his long-term girlfriend Emma Pernald. The lovebirds were serious about each from the start, with Sofia quickly moving in to the prince's palatial apartment.

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