The Queen jokes that the Canadian Prime Minister makes her 'feel old'

The Queen showed off her sense of humour in Malta, when she thanked Canada’s "youthful" Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for making her "feel so old." The monarch and her husband Prince Philip were attending a banquet at the end of their royal tour of the island.

The tour has been very special for the Queen and her husband as they once resided on the island from 1949 to 1951 when The Duke of Edinburgh was serving in the Royal Navy.

The Queen joked that the young Canadian Prime Minister made her "feel old"

On Friday evening the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting banquet was held in her honour, with the 43-year-old Canadian Justin giving the toast. The new elected Prime Minister spoke about the Queen’s many visits to Canada during her long reign, joking that Her Majesty had "seen more of Canada than most Canadians." During his speech he also spoke about his father, who was Prime Minister of Canada for over 15 years, and when he met the Queen at the signing of the Constitutional Act in Ottawa in 1982.

Much to the amusement of royal fans on Twitter, later on in the evening the British Monarchy handle uploaded a post about the incident, saying: "Thank you @JustinTrudeau for making me feel so old!" Quick to respond the Prime Minister praised the Queen and said he was "honoured" to give the speech.

Prince William’s grandparents have been busy attending several engagement during their three-day state visit including opening a summit of the 53-nation Commonwealth and enjoying one of their favourite past-times, watching a polo match.

The Queen and Prince Philip have been on a three-day state visit to Malta

This has also been a very nostalgic tour for the longest reigning British monarch. On Saturday the Queen visited the spot where her father, King George VI, arrived in Malta in 1943 to present the country with the George’s cross. The award was to honour the citizens and their bravery during a World War II siege by Italian and Nazi Germany forces. It’s the only time the cross has been awarded to a country and not an individual.