Princess Maria-Olympia stars in new photo shoot with cousins Isabel Getty and Talita Von Fürstenberg

The Miller family has returned with a new generation of “It girls.” Dubbed the “society darlings for the social-media age,” Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece, 19, along with her cousins Isabel Getty, 22, and Talita Von Fürstenberg, 16, star in a new photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

The gorgeous cousins are of course the descendants of the well-known Miller sisters: Pia, Marie-Chantal and Alexandra, whose father Robert co-founded Duty Free shops. Back in the day, the glamorous siblings were the toast of high society.


Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece, Isabel Getty and Talita Von Fürstenberg Photo: Dylan Don

Princess Olympia’s mother, Marie-Chantal wed Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece in 1995. Like Marie, the royal’s siblings also married into well-known families.

In 1992, Pia tied the knot with Jean Paul Getty’s grandson, Christopher Getty. Meanwhile Alexandra followed in her sister Marie’s footsteps marrying royalty. In 1995, the blonde beauty married Prince Alexandre von Fürstenberg, the only son of designer Diane von Fürstenberg and her husband Prince Egon von Fürstenberg.

Marie-Chantal took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to share a throwback of her sisters' Vanity Fair shoot along with her daughter and nieces' new photo. Posting a split image of the two generations, she wrote, “Oh my does time fly! #themillersisters and #the millercousins.”

Compared to when their mothers ruled the social scene, Alexandra, who is a student at New York University, said that today, “Everything is much more mass and unrealistic. The outfits, the makeup, the contouring: it all seems so exaggerated.”

“We can’t get by with as much as they did,” Olympia, who is studying photography at Parsons School of Design also in NYC, added. “[My mom] didn’t even have a cell phone. Sometimes I wonder what life was like when you had to go to a pay phone to check your answering machine.”