Emma Thompson serenades Prince Charles at reception for Oscar winners

Emma Thompson hilariously sang to Prince Charles during a royal reception held for British Oscar winners on Wednesday night. The Sense and Sensibility actress greeted the Prince and Duchess of Cornwall at the prestigious event, which was held at St James's Palace.

Emma sang: "It's you! You look gorgeous," as the royal couple met their talented guests who had all won Academy awards for both onscreen and offscreen work, with names including Dame Judi Dench, Colin Firth and Sir Michael Caine.


Emma sang to Prince Charles during the reception

During the reception, the famous crowd spoke about the future of acting, with Sir Michael commenting on his concerns regarding younger talent. "They're very young now. I was 30 before I became well known. I've watched it ruin people. By the time they're 30, they’re through. These days they just say I’m going to an actor because I want to be rich and famous. And then they do a little part on television and everyone knows who they are. They can't really act," he said.

"I knew I wasn't going to be rich, I knew I wasn't going to be famous, I knew I wasn't going to be a movie star, I just wanted to be a good actor, that's all."

Judi Dench also revealed her concerns about the future of acting, claiming that the costs of training are too expensive. She said: "I think it's worrying that training is so expensive. I must have, I don't know how many letters a week from young actors wanting to get to drama school and not having the money to get them through."

Dame Judi Dench spoke about the difficulties young people face getting into the acting profession

When asked the secret to her success, Judi joked: "It's called good luck! We have good training and we've got incredible young people who are trained in everything, they can dance and sing and act on the stage."

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs praised the event, calling Prince Charles "charming". She said: "Charming, he really was, so relaxed, so lovely."

She also praised the plethora of British talent, saying they have a "commitment to training and the craft and creative."

Prince Charles is a keen fan of the dramatic arts, and recently appeared in a Hamlet sketch to celebrate Shakespeare's 400th birthday. Appearing alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, Tim Minchin and Sir Ian McKellan, the prince delivered the line "to be or not to be," on stage at Shakespeare Live in Stratford.