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5 ways the Queen is true to her astrology

By Anna Redman


The Queen in undoubtedly a remarkable person. She has devoted her life to her subjects and her time to making the world a better place. When she was born, to proud parents Albert and Elizabeth, the Duke and Duchess of York, our current monarch was never meant to become Queen. Princess Elizabeth's father, who would become King George VI, was merely second in line to the throne, but when his brother Edward abdicated in 1936 Elizabeth's life changed forever, forcing her to embrace the destiny she didn't even know she had.

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Of course, astrologers and their supporters would argue that each of those moves was predetermined by the sun, moon, stars and universe. That Elizabeth's birth, at 2:40 a.m. on April 21, 1926, caused a shift guaranteed to put her on the throne.

Whether or not you subscribe to the accuracy of horoscopes, it has to be said that some of the details curated specifically to the Queen's time and date of birth are dead ringers for Her Majesty's personality. Here are five signs that this extraordinary taurus's fate was always written in the stars, gleaned from British astrologer Jonathan Cainer.

1. SUN IN THE THIRD HOUSEThis refers to characteristics imbued by her time of birth, and can be credited for the Queen's desire to "consume information" with a "vacuum-cleaner mind; sucking up every subject." Always vigil in her reading of the ministerial boxes, filled with intelligence reports, cabinet minutes and dispatches intended to keep her updated on current affairs, Her Majesty ensures she's never left dumbfounded by any topic.


Due to her unwavering diligence she did, however, manage to stump the famed Winston Churchill early in her reign. Asking what he thought of an urgent dispatch from the British Ambassador in Iraq, the Queen sent the then-Prime Minister rushing back to his office to read a cable he had overlooked. According to Christopher Anderson in his new book Game of Crowns, it was filled with vitally important details.

2. SUN TO MARSBeing born under the influence of this harmonious alignment gives the Queen her unwavering energy and and determination. In 2015 the Queen carried out almost 350 engagements – 35 of which were abroad – despite being well past the retirement age of most of her subjects. She is famous for saying "I have to be seen to be believed," and she certainly isn't leaving anyone in any doubt of her existence.

3. CAPRICORN AS HER RISING SIGNPeople are naturally instilled with a sense of faith in the Queen as the monarch "exude[s] a capable air and come[s] across as the kind of person whose judgement can be trusted and whose promise can be relied upon." Having made the biggest promise of her life at the mere age of 21 – and followed through on it in no uncertain terms – the Queen's ability to keep her word is unquestionable. "I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service," she said at the time.

Year's later grandson Prince Harry reflected on the iconic speech in a special documentary marking the monarch's milestone birthday. "'It's just incredible to know that someone of that age appreciated and understood exactly what was expected of them, and to basically put duty ahead of everything else so early on in her life. It's quite remarkable," said Prince Harry.

4. MOON OPPOSING MARSWhen the time came for Elizabeth to wear the crown, only five years after her birthday speech, she did so capably and without complaint despite her young age and her grief at the sudden death of her father – a direct result of the Moon opposing Mars. "You have been through emotional experiences that might well have devastated a weaker individual," says astrologer Jonathan Cainer of the Queen's star sign and birth time. "Not only have you coped with these, you have learned from them."

The Queen has shown strength countless other times in her life, and can never be accused of making the same mistake twice. Although Princess Diana was primarily left to her own devices when it came to learning the ways of the Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge has spoken of being looked after. ‘The most memorable engagement for me, I suppose, was an away-day to Leicester. I went without William so I was rather apprehensive about that,’ Kate said. "[The Queen] was very supportive. The fact she took the time to make sure that I was happy and looked after for that particular occasion, which probably in everything that she's doing is a very small element, it shows just how caring she is really."

5. MOON IN SEVENTH HOUSEThe royals have many 'away days' in their annual calendars and if they are scheduled to make an appearance they rarely cancel, which may make them the most dependable people on the planet. Of course the captain guiding that ship of dependability is the Queen. But what's guiding her? Possibly this element of her birth time, which suggests someone born at the same time as Her Majesty feels that "arrangements are important" and that it's "important to stick to them."

This desire to fulfill arrangements can also extend to larger life events than ribbon-cutting ceremonies and walkabouts. Unlike three of her four children, the Queen has been happily married to Prince Philip for almost 70 years. Though she has changed with the times, another of her many assets, the Queen was originally reluctant to accept divorcees into the royal household, a rule she changed when she gave Prince Charles permission to marry the Duchess of Cornwall in 2005.

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