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Memories of Princess Diana competition: the winners are revealed

The top three winners have been announced

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In August, we hosted a Memories of Diana competition on HELLO! Online, asking readers to share their favourite memories of the late People's Princess. We can now announce that three royal fans – who had the honour of meeting Diana in person – have won the competition. David Butler, Dave Seow and Lisa MacLennan will each be treated to an afternoon tea for two at the 5 star Royal Garden Hotel, right next to Diana's former residence, Kensington Palace.

David Butler, from Leeds, was fortunate to meet Diana various times over the years. In December 1992, he presented the royal with a very special gift – photographs of her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. "Until recently, l never knew that she had liked them enough to take them home and frame them along with personal family shots," said David. "The framed photos are currently on display at Buckingham Palace and were personally selected by the boys to be displayed on her desk. Of the hundreds of photographs taken I am incredibly proud that she chose to keep mine and display them in her home. I feel truly lucky to have known her for the short time she was around in public life, during which she made such a difference to so many people's lives."

david butler princess diana

David Butler met Princess Diana various times

Dave Seow, then based in Singapore, had the honour of meeting Diana twice when he spent a summer in London as a student. "A couple of friends and I decided to try to see her at one of her public engagements. I was so nervous that I staked my place on the pavement outside the venue at 8am," said Dave. "Princess Diana arrived four hours later and was whisked inside. We had to wait another hour or so before she came out again and when she did, I called out to her. I thought our chances were dashed when the Princess's policeman had opened the car door for her, but instead of getting in, she pointed towards me and walked over. I was so nervous that when I shook her hand, my knees buckled and I dropped into a deep curtsey. She stifled a giggle and thanked me for my flowers. Someone told me she wouldn't forget me for curtseying. I wondered if this would be true."

dave seow princess diana

A photo David Seow took when he met the royal one summer

A few days later, Dave met the Princess a second time when he and his friends sought her out at her next engagement. "Princess Diana walked over to me and she batted her big blue eyes, smiled and said, 'I remember you. You're so sweet, you gave me flowers last Tuesday.' I was so gobsmacked that I almost dropped the flowers I had brought for her. She gently took them from my hand and thanked me. Now she didn't have to say she remembered me, but I think she knew it would probably make me very happy and it did. And that's just the kind of person she was."

lisa glazier

Lisa MacLennan, from Canada, met Diana in 1992

Lisa MacLennan, who was living in Canada, met the Princess during a visit to London in September 1992. "It was late at night and she was just on her way home from the Opera but somebody had told her a girl from Canada wanted to meet her, so she came over and talked to me for about ten minutes," recalled Lisa. "I had followed her in the papers since I had been 13. I used to collect everything on her so as you can imagine it was a great thrill for me to finally meet my icon! She was such a lovely woman and made me feel so at ease! To get the picture of me and her as a keepsake was every girl's dream."

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