Is Meghan Markle a magical addition to the royal family - have your say

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been married for a month

It was the ultimate fairytale wedding bringing together millions of people around the world who watched as our dashing Prince Harry made the beautiful Meghan Markle his wife. Audiences loved the way the bride put her own personal stamp on the day – with a gospel choir and sermon by a US bishop – and gave us a royal wedding with a diverse and modern twist. 

A month on from that glorious day in Windsor on 19 May the excitement continues as the new Duchess of Sussex becomes ever more a part of the happy House of Windsor.

This week Meghan took a significant new step as a member of the royal family when she joined the Queen for a day of official engagements - her first with the monarch and also her first without her husband. There was a rapturous welcome for the royal ladies in Chester – another sign that not only is Meghan being embraced by her new family, but also by the British public. 

Indeed, it seems that the former actress is attracting a whole new generation of royal fans who believe her stylish glamour, intelligence and humanitarianism will help modernise the royal family and give it a boost in popularity.

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