Meghan Markle's lack of royal protocol knowledge on show in Cheshire: see how the Queen helped her

The former Suits actress was helped by the Queen

The Duchess of Sussex stepped out on Thursday to attend her first royal engagement with the Queen – who gave her a little helping hand during a moment of confusion. Meghan – who was evidently nervous – was unsure as to who should get in the car first when arriving in Cheshire. "What is your preference?" she asked the Queen, to which she replied: "You go first." "Oh OK," Meghan replied. For the outing, Meghan and the 92-year-old monarch also wore contrasting outfits. The former Suits actress looked stylish in a Givenchy dress, with no hat or gloves, and wore her hair down. The Queen meanwhile, wore a lime green outfit by he favourite designer Stewart Parvin, and a hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. She completed her outfit with a pair of white gloves and her favourite black buckled shoes.

The Queen helped Meghan Markle during their first joint royal engagement

The Queen and Meghan left London and travelled by Royal Train to Runcorn Station on Thursday morning. They then departed by car for the Mersey Gateway Bridge and met with architects, planners and community representatives. This is the very first official engagement Meghan has proceeded in without husband Prince Harry by her side, but she took it all in her stride as she accompanied the Queen.

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Watch to see Meghan being reassured by the Queen

This isn’t the first time that Meghan has been reassured by the royal family. She was last seen out in public on Saturday for her debut at Trooping the Colour, where she was seen asking Harry when she should curtsy to the Queen. The doting husband gave discreet instructions to Meghan while they were on the balcony, who can be seen asking him "say when" with regards to curtsying, to which he replied "now", ensuring that Meghan was in perfect timing with the rest of the family.

The Queen and Meghan spent the day in Cheshire

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Harry also sweetly asked his wife whether she was okay at one point during the procession. A lip reader told the Mirror that the new Duchess of Sussex was, in reality, a little less sure of herself as she took part in her first official engagement as a member or the royal family. But her husband of three weeks was there to make sure she knew exactly what to do. According to the lipreader, at one point, her doting husband turned to her and simply asked, "Okay?". "Yeah, are you?" she replied to which Harry said he was. His wife then admitted she was "nervous." Harry understood. "Yes," he replied, before checking on her again. "Okay?"