Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly gifted new home from the Queen – but there's a catch

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not actually own Adelaide Cottage

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly been given a new house as a wedding gift from the Queen. The Mail on Sunday reports that Harry and Meghan were invited to view Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, and after liking it so much, the couple are preparing to make it their second home. But it seems Harry and Meghan will not actually own the property, unlike Prince William and Kate, who are the proud owners of Anmer Hall, which was gifted to them by the Queen for their 2011 wedding.

As Royal Musings blog rightly points out, "Adelaide Cottage is not privately owned, but a part of the Crown Estates, which means the Sussexes would acquire a long lease, but would not actually own the home".

The sweet looks of love between Harry and Meghan on their wedding day:

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The Queen and the royal family have several properties around the UK, although not all are owned by them. Some, like Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace are owned by the Crown, whereas others like Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, where the Queen spends summer and Christmas respectively, are personally owned by the royals and have been passed down for generations.

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Meghan and Harry have reportedly been gifted Adelaide Cottage

Adelaide Cottage certainly seems like a fitting choice for Harry and Meghan. The Grade II-listed property is nestled in the heart of Home Park in Windsor, close to Frogmore House, the stunning venue where they celebrated their wedding reception in May. The park is private and isn't accessible to members of the public, meaning the Duke and Duchess would be able to go about their daily lives without any intrusion.

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The property is located in Home Park in Windsor

The home was built in the 1800s as a retreat for King William IV's wife Queen Adelaide. The royals often spent time at the cottage, and Queen Adelaide would, on occasion, walk there with her ladies-in-waiting to have tea, before returning to Windsor Castle. It was later used by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as a place for the young couple to relax away from court life, and also by King George V and Queen Mary.

According to Royal Musings blog, Adelaide Cottage became the home of Peter and Rosemary Townsend in 1944. After the couple divorced, Peter became romantically involved with Princess Margaret. Over time, the property became a grace-and-favour residence, and was never officially a royal residence. It was renovated in 2015 and now features elaborate décor, including a coved ceiling in the master bedroom.