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Orlando Bloom talks dream destinations and favourite foodie cities

orlando bloom
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Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom lives life in the fast lane and his current schedule is no different. After a week at the Cannes Film Festival promoting his latest flick Zulu, he flew to New Zealand to finish filming The Hobbit ahead of a six-month stint on starring in Romeo and Juliet on Broadway. The Pirates of the Caribbean star juggles his hectic professional life with a young family. He is married to Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and they have an adorable two-year-old son Flynn. "I would love to take Flynn to see the pandas in Chengdu," revealed the 36-year-old. In an interview with the airline, he talks his and Miranda's favourite foodie cities, tips for combating jet lag and his love for London.

Tell us about your partnership with British Airways. British Airways approached me to attend their launch event in Sydney. Being English I have grown up flying BA, in recent years so often I'm now a gold cardholder, so I was happy to participate. It’s a great brand that represents the very best of British. Tell us about the party in Sydney and your involvement? It was a great event. I arrived into Sydney this morning as a special guest of BA following a busy week in Cannes where the movie I filmed with Forest Whitaker, ZULU, closed the film festival. Your tips for jet lag for the London-Sydney route? The key thing for me is to avoid alcohol, drink lots of water and adjust my sleep to the time zone I'm entering. When I arrive at my destination I like to hit the gym as I find exercise helps combat jet lag. What are your top recommendations for a weekend in London? London is one of the most exciting cities in the world with a melting pot of cultures and diversity. It's now spring in the UK, so there is something for everyone, from music festivals such as Glastonbury to Taste of London and great sporting events like Wimbledon, Henley and Royal Ascot… not to mention some of the world's best theatre at the West End and exhibitions at V&A and Natural History Museum. What is in your carry-on luggage? I like to keep it simple, so I tend to use a black weekend bag or a small black wheelie suitcase. I generally travel with my lap top, a couple of great books and my iPod.

During the flight what do you prefer to do - read a book, listen to music or watch a film? It depends what I'm in the mood for. I often read a book or watch a film, but I also like to use the time to catch up on sleep or emails. Your favourite international destination? That's a hard one as it completely depends on what I want to do and what season it is. When we're based in LA - you can't beat the Caribbean for complete relaxation, although it's the smaller, lesser-known islands that we prefer. I also love places that are completely cut off from everything — where I can relax and enjoy the simplicity of nature. As a family, we also love to come to Sydney. Best city for food? It really depends on the cuisine. London does the best Sunday roast. Miranda and I love the seafood in Sydney and the steaks in South Africa are amazing. It goes without saying New Zealand does the best lamb. Where would you love to travel that you have never been? I would love to take Flynn to see the pandas in Chengdu.

What is your earliest memory of flying? As a child I had the opportunity to meet the Captain onboard a British Airways flight. It was so exciting to see the cockpit and controls, I was in awe of the Captain and he stamped my log book which I still have to this day. What is the one thing you can't travel without? Other than passport, a credit card and my iPhone it would have to be a good book. Where do you consider home to be? Wherever my family is. How often do you travel? Sometimes often, sometime not often at all - it depends on our work schedule. I will be in New Zealand for about a month to finish filming The Hobbit. Then I will be in NY for over 6 months playing Romeo in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet on Broadway directed by David Leveaux. Best travel advice? Check in with the crew onboard for tips on places to go at your arrival destination, they always seem to know the best things to see and do, and what's current. Top tips for travelling with children? Prepare and make it fun for them. What do you wear when you fly? I like to be comfortable so generally travel a t-shirt and jeans, if on a long haul flight I change into my BA sleeper suit.

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