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Wedding cakes: discover this year's hottest trends

11 MARCH 2014 While couples tend to stick to the traditional sponge, chocolate, vanilla or fruit cake flavour for their wedding cake, more and more brides and grooms are experimenting with the design and exterior look of their sweet treat.

Cake makers are seeing a departure from the standard white cake, and a move towards the more creative and original.

While Kate Middleton may have inspired more brides to have lace-covered cakes to match their dress, this year's trends include the more quirky — oversized flowers, metallic and ombre shades, naked cakes, ruffles galore and much more.

Click on the photo below for a gallery of this year's hottest wedding cake trends.



Blogger Sarah Christopher of noticed three emerging trends in particular.

"Our readers are making bolder and very stylish choices," said Sarah. "Wedding cakes have become real statement pieces.

"The three emerging trends we're seeing are simply-styled cakes either with a statement trim, textured façade or flower adorned, whether it's inspired by the flower scheme or even the appliqué of the bride's dress. Ombre wedding cakes are another big trend that's cropping up."


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