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Bond Girls are forever

19 OCTOBER 2012 Ursula Andress – aka Honey Rider – emerged from the sea in that bikini in Dr No, and the Bond Girl was born.

A vital part of every movie in the 007 franchise, these beautiful women which are inevitably seduced by Bond have evolved from being mere eye candy to intelligent and sassy equals to the super spy title character as the films have moved with the times.

Bond girls


The prestige which comes with being a Bond Girl is unparalleled in the movie world. But though the actresses are announced with a flurry of publicity and fanfare, they sometimes quickly fade into obscurity.

Nevertheless, 'Bond Girl' is a dream addition to any starlet's CV.

As 007 fans wait with baited breath for the release of Sykfall, HELLO! Online takes a look at some of the best loved female characters to grace the superspy movies.


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